Numerology Number 2 – What Does It Mean?

I think it is unfortunate when I hear people say that you only have one Numerology number that matters. I am disappointed when those who call themselves Numerologists profess the same, confidently declaring to a person that “You are a 2” for instance. It is the same frustration knowledgeable astrologer’s have when hearing others say that people are governed only by their Sun sign. Just as the different planets influence your life, so there are different numbers. This article looks at Numerology number 2 and how it is interpreted as a Birth Force number, a Destiny number and a Heart’s Desire number.

Numerology number 2 – Birth Force

The numbers in your date of birth give the needed data to determine your Birth Force (also known as the Life Path). Your birthday will not ever change unlike your name which could be modified at some point. This number has major importance and reveals just how an individual does things, how they will apply themself to any task.

Numerology Birth Force number 2 indicates skills and traits in building partnerships, relationships and fostering cooperation. It also indicates a person who will promote balance and harmony. Depending on the double digit cipher that leads to the calculation of the 2, these skills may be best focused in business or the harmony found in music creation. Whatever form or context, those with a Birth Force of 2 will be able to get on with people, to cooperate with others, to serve others and likely to seek balance and harmony in their life.

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Numerology number 2 – Destiny

The substance of any individuals personality can be obtained from the Destiny number which is worked out from the full name at birth. The full manifestation of this number builds up over an individual’s lifetime and it’s strongly pertinent to a person’s ideal profession.

Those with Numerology Destiny number 2 (sometimes called the Expression) can interact with the world as diplomats, looking to seek the peace and find harmony and balance in all that they do. They are the sort of people that will tend to go out of their way to help someone or to support a person they believe in. They can be devoted and agreeable and may seem to have an endless supply of patience. Unfortunately there are those that do not channel such positive qualities of this energy. These people can be deceitful and irrational. They can lack the desire to get things done and be the victims of others. If you have 2 as your Destiny number it is your duty to focus on the positive and stay away from the less than ideal characteristics of a negative 2 person.

Numerology number 2 – Heart’s Desire

The Heart’s Desire offers an explanation of what drives an individual to follow their aspirations. The energy starts to grow a little while after birth and probably won’t be apparent for a couple of years and only perceptive observers and people who know what to watch out for may see it early in someone’s life. By adulthood, many will recognize what moves them and will convey this in their everyday activities.

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Numerology Heart’s Desire number 2 indicates people who will ultimately be happy when they are at peace with the world, when they feel like there is minimum conflict in their life. They will not be happy to be the centre of attention or if they are asked to take a leading role. Rather than be in the limelight they will be more content to stay behind the scenes in a supporting role. They will be happiest when they feel that others appreciate what they do.

In closing I wish to reiterate how much more there is to Numerology than just one number. Not only are there multiple areas to consider, there are multiple calculations to make in each area. And a personality profile is just the beginning. Things get really exciting when we start looking at future forecasting. That is a different subject for a different article, I hope you have found this article enlightening.


by David Allan Shaw