Orgasm Causing Visions – Divine Eroticism and the Orgastic Circulation of Light

Orgasms causing visions was enough to get my attention at an early age. Enochian Sex magick was the title of the first book I ever bought on the Occult. You could imagine that at age fourteen it was pretty impressive to me. The only thing was it was way over my head. I did eventually figure it out but it took years and I still learn from it.

There is what is called Divine Eroticism. This is where two people (ideally who are ‘in love’) having the ceremony send one another into visions through orgasms achieved through sex. Pretty crazy stuff, but very interesting so I thought it would make a great little article.

The premise is that One person is focused on at a time. Once a night. Now the male or female can be the receiver of these messages while the other takes down everything with pad and pen. Also keeps record from any means necessary and what is agreed upon and available. This person is in control while the other is the focus of the Divine Orgasm.

Sex magick is nothing new and has always been considered as “the food of the Gods,” or a gateway to much higher forms of consciousness. In example, utilizing sex as a way to experience and communicate with pure energy or Angels. In 1845 Sir Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee both created what was called Enochian Sex Magick which was the premise and language of this magick. The word Enochian means literally “Angelic” or “Angels.”

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The process by which these two men have derived certain knowledge was extremely complicated and highly detailed. There are symbols and certain kinds of math involving letters and language equivalents. There is an entire language created by the system and the system itself is a way of categorizing and objectifying knowledge in a clear scientific method. Anyone familiar with the rudimentary base fundamentals of the Qabalah would have an easier time of translating this system.

The systems consists of 19 Calls, or Keys, The Thirty-two Eathers, and the Qabalistic cross. All of this becomes centered around Tantric Sex as a spiritual lovemaking.

The one way of true commune with Angels, is in this form of attempting to control energy through the power of sex. The people who have had first hand experience with this Divine Eroticism state that if you take your absolute worst orgasm from Sex Magick and compare it to your best orgasm ever in regular(non-sex magick) sex, and it would still be like holding a candle to the sun. It just does not compare and nothing is better.

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Trust is a huge element involved. It is important to note that no one can be coerced or tricked into this kind of thing. Nor can they be paid. The negative energy offsets the balance of what is referred to as the “Bio-psychos-spiritual vortex.” This must be clean and only the emotions of willing participants can keep it this way.

These methods were supposedly implemented by the Egyptian people as a means of producing ‘Special’ infants. By using these techniques and alignments with certain planets would raise the possibilities of certain qualities that would be naturally bestowed upon the child. They would predetermine certain characteristics, attitudes, and personalities of their offspring. So it is much more than just orgasms causing visions and it seems it really has been around a long, long time.


by Jamie Alan