Pendulum Dowsing and How You Can Benefit

Pendulum dowsing is easy and almost everyone can do it. The only real condition, and it can be difficult, is keeping an open mind. Dowsing is an ancient art and believed to have got its start in Europe. The practice was used to find ore veins. The use of pendulums suffered a decline in the years when things that could not be scientifically explained were simply evil.

How does it work?

Remote viewing speculation:

We as humans have a nonphysical component and our nervous system is an incredibly sensitive measuring instrument. We can use this to our advantage. Our nervous system can retrieve information from our nonphysical component. Remote viewers leverage this ability to seek out future events.

A dowsing pendulum makes a good facilitator of this type of communication as well. The dowsing pendulum moves, do in part, to tiny muscle twitches in the hands. This response is called the ideomotor response. Generally speaking, it seems that dowsing is an important part of divining. The two go hand and hand with each other. I think remote viewing has a place in divination as well. You’ll be hard pressed to get a remote viewer to admit it though.

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Some people possess miraculous abilities. Take telekinesis for example, having the ability to move objects without touching them. With telekinesis you focus intently on an object in hopes of making it move. This is not the case with dowsing. Dowsing works in the opposite direction. That is, concentrating actually hinders results. You need to have a clear and relaxed mind to dowse properly. The ideomotor response is an incredibly sensitive instrument that can be easily fooled with concentration.

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Dowsing is incredibly practical. In fact, you can rely on a dowsing pendulum to pick lottery numbers. I use the lottery to measure my pendulum dowsing progress. You’ll find that you’ll have good dowsing days and bad pendulum dowsing days. The idea is to leverage the good days and use the dowsing pendulum to your advantage.

Picking three or four winning lottery numbers out of six is a good dowsing day. Chances are you’ll have good success finding answers to your questions on those days.

We know that the process has something to do with energy fields on a quantum level. The irony is that despite our technical advances in science and medicine, our only true instrument for measuring such energy is our own body’s central nervous system via the ideomotor response.


by Gene Morris