Physics, Complexity, Gravity and the Universe – Humans at Home in Their Habitat

Physics is much about the nature of things in this realm we live. In this dimension there are laws and those laws as far as we can see seem to be consistent throughout our universe, perhaps everywhere for all we know. Thus, a bit of philosophy is in order to comprehend the order of things.

Perhaps, you have heard of Murphy's Law, well there is a good amount of reality behind complex systems, mathematically speaking, they more things you have running the more chances of one of them breaking. And maybe you have heard the thought that; simplicity breeds complexity, which in observation seems to be very true to our realm. To help illustrate these points and other topics which intersect this concept; I'd like to recommend this book;

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"At Home in the Universe – the search for the laws of self-organization and complexity" by Stuart Kauffman. 1995

If you are looking for a book that takes all the observations, natural laws and known science and then poses the question and looks for the ultimate answers in complexity, chaos and natural self-organization from atoms and molecules to complex bio-systems and planetary systems . The author makes some great points in the book and takes the reader into deep thought.

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The author considers snowflakes, oil on water, DNA, evolution, corporations, politics, government, and "the rise and fall of great civilizations." Kaufman also wrote the book; "the origin of order." This book also ponders the future of the human race and the future of Globalization, as the forward progression of mankind continues.


Source by Lance Winslow