Melee Hacking Tutorials – Creating and Replacing Character Skins: the basics | Video

I FORGOT: Something very important, you can’t replace a file of one color over another of a different color. (Example a Green Falcon file over a Neutral Falcon file. Unless you use the Character Color Converter in DTW.

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GC Rebuilder

DAT TextureWizard

Image editing software
Photoshop and GIMP are the most common

Steelia’s Textures post

Featured Skin:

Shoutouts to DRGN and Achilles the melee hacking masters!

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  1. When I extracted my Ness skin to DAT Texture Wizard, the program stopped working and said my Pc couldn’t open the file. Did I do something wrong?

  2. Hey there. Can you please make a tutorial on how to replace captain falcon's playermodel with another playermodel in smash melee? I wanna use jimmy hopkins' playermodel in smash ultimate

  3. i believe i did every step correctly, but when i go to play with the new skin on, my game freezes at the stage selection screen. suggestions?

  4. This may sound dumb but I just can't do it. It won't let me export any skin in the GCrebuilder. you said to right click and export it, but no menu pops up for me when i Right click to give me the option to.

  5. Is it possible to add more than one skin onto a character without replacing the previous files?

    For example, lets say im editing the Black Falcon skins. Neutral stays as is, Falcon's L-Trigger is a Spiderman skin, R-Trigger is Venom skin, can imake a skin where we hit R-Trigger 3 times to have a Green Goblin skin?

  6. does having these files affect Netplay connectivity? Having these files attached to my ISO, will I still be able to connect to opponents through netplay features?

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