Pop-Up Tents for Pets – Worth the Investment?

You will be surprised to know that there is a wide variety of pop up tents available in the market.

If you want to give your pet a taste of the outdoor life, let your dog carry his own tent when backpacking or protect any of your elderly cats, you will find a tent that will suit both you and your pet.

Most pet tent are often designed for dogs. However, manufacturers have come to realize that our feline friends could also use one. Let us look at a number of the top kinds of pop up tents available nowadays.

Pop Up Tents for Cats

Needless to say, many dog tents being sold can be used for cats as well.

Always remember (no pun intended) that it is even worse to let cats stay inside the tent without supervision while camping. They will not only try to claw, scratch and bite their way, out but also possibly invite predators if you are not around.

Cat tents still prove to be a favorite product; especially in the way they allow indoor and elderly cats to have fun in the outdoors.

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Some of the advantages of cat tents are:

Suitable for Indoor Cats

Pet owners are concerned if the mental stimulation they give to their cat is sufficient. A cat tent lets you take your cat outdoors without needing any leash or harness. What can be really more fun than herding cats!

Protect Aging/Handicapped Cats

If it is taking years for your cat to recover from surgery, you will want to keep it away from dogs and other cats.

When you put up a cat tent on your grounds, your elderly pet can continue to enjoy the outdoors. They can also be used inside your home if you have other cats as well.

Ideal for Front Porches and Balconies

Whether you are living in a condo or apartment, it is hard for your cat to get fresh air. When you set a cat tent on the balcony, you have peace of mind that they will not jump over the railings.

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Most cat tent owners set them on their front porch/deck. This way, they can enjoy the weather outside with their furry friends.

Keeps Cats from Jumping Over Fences

Cat tents can be used to prevent indoor cats from jumping over the fence while outdoors. This can relax your mind if you live along a busy street or close to a highway.

Best for Territorial Cats

By nature, cats are territorial, and if you have many cats, this can be a problem. They mark their territory by spraying some urine. At times, it could be hard to remove a cat from a particular closet or room.

In this case, a cat tent can come in handy – since it provides your cat with an enclosed space. This is a lot better than going to an extra room each time you like to see your beloved furry pet.


by Karina Popa