Psychic Development – How the Right Divination Tool Can Make All the Difference

Choosing the right divination tool is very important when developing your psychic abilities. Some tools will work better for you than they will for others and vice versa.

When I first started developing my psychic abilities I took a course that taught the use of a pendulum as the main psychic divination tool. The author of the course chose to use the pendulum because it was what she considered an easy to learn divination tool compared to others.

While learning how to use the pendulum wasn’t difficult, getting accurate information through it proved to be rather frustrating. I would ask the pendulum a question and then watch in agony as it couldn’t make up its mind. I would ask the same question twice and get two different answers.

Worse than that, deep down I felt zero confidence in the answers to the questions themselves. Frustrated, I ditched the pendulum and was discouraged with my psychic development until months later when I started working with another psychic who also could never get a pendulum working.

It turns out that each psychic will have a different divination method. There is no method that will work for everyone. Everyone will have to go through and find the right methods for them. Often times the right method for us stares us right in the face but we completely dismiss it because it seems too easy.

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For me, the right method of divining information is to simply relax, do a little meditation, and then to connect to my clients energy and all the answers begin to flow into my mind. This is known as claircognizance, which is often described as the ability to “just know stuff” without any reason as to why you would know that.

Claircognizance comes to me naturally and I’ve always had; I just never realized it was a psychic ability until recently. For me, simply tuning in and listening to what pops into my head is the right divination method. Reading Tarot cards also works, but pendulums don’t.

I know for some people things like reading runes or automatic writing will work but maybe they won’t get any claircognizant information. Everyone has a different modality that they are better at.

To find what will work for you, trust your intuition. Pay attention to what kind of divination methods you’re interested in. If you see someone doing Tarot readings, for example, does it seem real to you? Do you trust that the information they are getting is real, or do you feel that it’s not accurate?

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When you see someone doing pendulum readings, what’s your first gut reaction? When you pick up a book on palmistry, what do you feel? What kind of feeling do you get about astrology?

Use your intuition to help you figure out what’s the best way to communicate with your psychic abilities. I know that sounds kind of weird, but that is the best way to do it. If you’re not getting any kind of intuitive nudges, experiment with a few different modalities. Don’t get frustrated. Expect that maybe the first few that you try won’t work. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad psychic, it just means you haven’t found your divination method yet.

Another way you could figure out what the best divination methods would be for you is to get a reading done by another psychic.


by Paul Piotrowski