What’s The Significance In Tarot Card Reading When The Empress Shows Up?

The Empress is the fourth card in the 22 trump cards (Major Arcana) and is associated with the number 3. If the card is drawn in a reading, it is a representation of abundance, deep nurture love, fertility and sexual desirability, especially for a woman. She can also signify your own mother, or someone with a motherly figure, i.e. caring, kind and offers advice throughout your life journey.

If it appears in your Tarot Card Reading, The Empress brings a nurturing energy which shows the birth of something in your life. It could be an idea, relationship, business or even a child. It’s a good omen that you will soon begin nurturing something or someone that you have been dreaming of.

In a love reading, it is indicative that your relationship is fertile, loving and passionate. You are being supported, protected and loved. Enjoy the time. If you are trying to conceive, it is now the time to try. Do take extra precautions If you are not intending to have children.

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In a business/career reading, the hard work that you have been putting in is about to be rewarded. This could mean that a pay increment, promotion, or profits will roll in from a recent project. Do not worry about finances as it is going to be fine. When the Empress appears, it is a sign of the upcoming flowing abundance and joy. Things will be in your favour as she got your back.

However, there may be times when your heart and head do not agree with each other, you will feel overwhelmed. It is okay to feel sad especially when you are dealing with loss. For those who overwork and are too busy, try to do something you love anytime during the day to maintain some balance to avoid burnout. It can just be a short walk in the park, listening to music you like, watching a movie, play video games, pray, reading a book, anything that brings you joy and a sense of nourishment.

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This card also encourages us to spend more time with Mother Nature. Use the time to meditate, listen to the rustling of leaves and birds singing. Stay humble and breathe in slowly all the beauty that surrounds you. She encourages us to embrace and take a moment to recognize the beauty and luxury all around you. The more she has to be thankful for, the more she finds. Be open to both giving and receiving love.


by Marcus C. S. Tan