"The Midnight House" Holds Terrorists For Interrogation

You would not want to be in The Midnight House! It is a location where the CIA and other various high security agencies kept their worst terrorists. It is not known except by those that are using it for all types of interrogation including torture of the worst means. Of course it is not known since the United States does not torture those they interrogate! When you read the things that these terrorists performed you might feel The Midnight House is very necessary, like it or not.

This story will take you to many of the areas of the world in which the free world is fighting today to rid the world of the worst terrorists. It takes you on raids and actions including both sides of the war on terror and then takes you in the cells, or whatever you wish to call their walls of imprisonment, to suffer what the prisoners and the interrogators do through time, telling their daily routines while they play mind games with each other.

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John Wells had been an agent but needed time off to recover from the rigors of the extreme work these agents perform. John was on a mountain climbing trek when he received a call from his immediate boss, Ellis Shafer requesting that John was desperately needed at work. Reluctantly, John returned to the dangerous grueling work. The agency heads were too secretive about all the things going on in the “prison camps” such as Midnight House was, but needed help finding some terrorists as well as CIA missing agents. Shafer and Wells left after obtaining all the possible information heading for Pakistan, Egypt, and surrounding areas. Wells went into deep cover traveling to and while in the area. Wells was as tough as anyone, mentally or physically, but was he ready for all he would suffer, learn, and observe?

Sometimes in each others company and sometimes not they carried out their mission getting into trouble with local authorities and enemy combatants several times. Their life was hard while they pried into the lives and actions of the agents that were in or had been in the area. Some had disappeared from plain sight. A unit called 673 had secretly been formed for the area and Shafer and Wells were to search for the group, if any were left, and the past members that had disappeared from the face of the earth. Some of the searches led back to Washington, DC and the heads of the involved agencies. How far to go and how far to open cans of worms to their sources?

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An excellent spy book as John Well’s returns in another one of Alex Berenson’s books. Wells ex-love life was a part also. He had a hard time getting Exley out of his mind but she was out of the picture as far as Wells figured. You will not be disappointed as you read and travel to “The Midnight House.”


by Cy Hilterman