A True Friend

A true friend will be there for you during your darkest hour. Probably, you think that you know who your true friend is, the one you will call when you need help. Such a shock it is when that person gives you an excuse rather than the help you sought. Perhaps you call on a member of your family when you need help.

You may have heard the phrase “blood is thicker than water,” which means that your closest family will always stand by you. But, that is not necessarily true. The scale of family loyalty can range from basic association, on the low side, to unrequited love for you (selfless and unbounded love) for high loyalty. Love, and the strength of that love, defines the degree of loyalty in your friends and in your family. No mortal owes you love; you must deserve it. Do you? You may not be capable of love, either to give love or to receive it. You may not recognize love that is given to you.

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King Solomon, a strong and beloved king of Israel, who reigned 970 – 931 BC (Before the birth of Jesus Christ), wrote, “A (true) friend loves at all times, and (as) a brother, (the true friend) is born for adversity,” (Proverbs 17:17, New International Version). I added the parenthetical comment to clarify what Solomon meant, given that the translation from ancient Hebrew to Latin, to Greek, to Elizabethan English to modern English sometimes obscures meaning. He meant that a true friend demonstrates that he/she is like your brother (or any family member) when he/she demonstrates unrequited love to you on your worst day.

Are you ready to deserve a true friend or a true family member in your life? Then, prepare to deserve it by being that kind of friend or family member to others. Even if you never earn a true friend, never are you alone in your walk through mortal life. Ask God for his grace by prayer. Listen for (perceive) his grace in how your heart reacts to what happens to you. Read about God’s love in the Christian Bible. You can do that online by searching what you want to know. Read and think about the recommended verses.

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Pray to Father God; learn to recognize his grace that is freely given to you, and begin to deserve true friends in Jesus Christ who will help you as you journey through your life. Jesus will always be there for you in this life and he will welcome you to heaven after you pass on.


by Tony A Grayson