How Magick Is Related to Telekinesis

Magic, or Magick with the ‘k’ added, to differentiate between stage magic preformed by a magician, and real Magick, is thanks to Aleister Crowley. Magick has been around for thousands of years, at least 6,000 years that we know for sure from written text, and is suspected of being much older still, and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. In-fact, Magick has an almost Magickal way of adapting to the times, (Pun intended).

Magick, in short is a practice to effect change in the world, around you or within you, for a better, more desirable life. Most often associated with Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca, among others, and is performed through a Ritual. Magick is said to work by entering the right state of mind, then raising energy, and through focus, releasing it towards your intention. At least that is the simplified version.

Now, if we where to break this down a bit, and compare it to Psionics, a more modern-day practice of energy work, based around constructing and programming energy, we might find many similarities. In many cases, if you are interested in Telekinesis, you will have likely ran into Psionics, as it is often referred to for information and instructions on gaining better control of your energy for use in the practice of Telekinesis.

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In Magick, there are Spells, a spell is closely related to a Christian prayer in the sense that you are asking for something, either from yourself, or from a deity. Some of these spells takes the form a Ritual, which in essence is a set of actions, words and meanings to express the intention. As mentioned above, raising and releasing energy is an important aspect of the ritual or spell process. The whole process has a beginning, middle and an end, to help the energy raised manifest the intention.

This is not unlike a construct in Psionics, or Telekinesis itself. A construct is essentially built from raising energy up through your body and then often focused between your hands, where you use a tactile visualization to mould it into a ball, (Often called a Psi-ball or Energy ball). After the energy is constructed, you mentally instill your intention into the energy, and this is called “Programming”. After this is done, you release the fully formed, intention infused construct free to do as you intended it to. Constructs are often used for this reason in Telekinesis, the programming being something like ‘Push/Move’ target object.

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Magick, Witchcraft, Telekinesis, Psionics and the like, are all highly based in self improvement, and Spiritual Growth. They put a high emphasis on learning how you mentally, emotionally and spiritually operate to better control the events in your life and your reaction to them. This knowledge helps provide better access to the qualities emanated from your Higher-self, which is a popular term to describe your true self, or your Soul. It’s all about the journey inwards, and your own personal experience of that venture. Meditation is another common denominator between the two, as meditation not only has been proven to improve health and relieve stress, but broaden awareness and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

Interest in the human potential and the spiritual side of life is on the rise, and things like Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Telepathy, Psionics among countless other potentials, are all related to Magick and the Craft of the Wise. As I said earlier, Magick has an almost Magickal way of adapting to the times.


by Barb White