Guided Meditation for Natural Healing Sleep & Bedtime Relaxation (Mind Body Total Rest) | Video

Welcome to this deep sleep guided meditation with positive suggestions for encouraging a replenishing, natural healing rest, along with a blissful experience of total mind and body relaxation.

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This guided meditation experience is suitable and recommended for repeated listening, and regular listening will help compound positive suggestions and / or your own positive results.

The end of this session will offer suggestions for drifting and dreaming into a naturally sound and refreshing bedtime sleep.

Peace & Enjoy

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Original vocals and video photography by Michael Sealey © 2019

Music credit:

Adrift 2 – by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
Licensed by Enlightened Audio.



  1. I have been sick for a few days now.. And last night was the worst, I was sitting on the floor crying and screaming because I was in so much pain… I decided to turn off the lights, turn on this meditation, and close my eyes… I woke up with no pain at all, I am so confused… I've been in pain for so long I didn't think that this would work.. But it did! I am so thankful! Thank you much for this video.. It has truly helped me. ❤❤❤

  2. Thankyou Michael, I have been listening to your videos for a few years now. I am very grateful for them during this Coronavirus pandemic. Truly amazing ?

  3. I have listened to other meditation videos on YouTube to fall asleep but Michael Sealey's work best by far! The voice, words and rhythm are amazing!

  4. Top Tip. ?. Switch off “Autoplay”. Relax, sleep, “Hello Again, my name is Michael Sealey” Wide Awake, repeat, repeat, repeat, no win, no fee xxx

  5. I love your hypnosis forager chakra to open and it's me feel better inside my heart and soul and I need to open my center eyes to see again because I used to have my chakra before and I lost it but with great video I found it again so please let me know when you have more hypnosis video's and blessed be to you Peace's out

  6. This is what being “too good” means! I have tried several times to listen to this whole meditation but fall asleep within a few minutes—EVERY time! Amazing!❤️

  7. This is my new favorite. You have outdone yourself Michael! Thank you for sharing your gift of calming the mind and the soul with your voice. My life is much better since you came into it. God Bless you and your works

  8. It's been several years I've been listening. This may be my favorite so far. I love the freedom to discover for myself the exact places I need or desire when rest and replenishment are needed. Thank you for this gift. I appreciate you Michael.

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