Tarot Reading – How to Interpret a Pair of Opposing Cards

Identifying possible card combinations and interpreting these combinations are complex and exhausting skills to learn. But there is an easy way in learning this important tarot reading skill without banging our heads to the wall.

To consistently and incrementally improve we have to skillfully maneuver in all areas of our lives. Sometimes our actions offset each other in a harmonious expression that is sometimes clear but all too often hazy.

The keyword here is balance. We need balance to utilize all the energies surrounding us. Personal equilibrium is always moving. It comes from our skills to choose options that will work in the spur of the moment.

Tarot reading is a guide to our tendency to counter-balance whatever is happening in our lives at one time or another.

To be able to interpret this guide we must understand the law of opposition or sometimes called the law of polarity. Things come in pairs. All opposites are the same in nature but differ by degree. They are dual expressions of one principle. That is one of the cosmic laws that governs life.

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On the core level though, opposition is non-existent. There is just oneness, but in our material universe we think oneness as segmented into many different energies. These are the challenges we go through in our quest for balance.

One technique to explore our balance issues is by looking for two cards in a tarot layout that oppose each other. For example, the meaning of three of swords is heartache. A painful love relationship. You will realize that by acknowledging the idea of emotional anguish of unrequited love, you imply the opposing idea of partnership commitment and mutual love.

This quality is represented by the two of cups. In a reading, these two cards could be indicating the significance of the unrequited or reciprocated love issues in your life.

I mean, how would we not appreciate a state of bliss after having experienced emotional pain?

Another example is the card combination of king of cups and queen of pentacles.

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King of cups acts in an imaginative, emotional way. He makes decisions based on hunches rather than for any logical reasons. On the other hand,the queen of pentacles has practical focus.

In a reading, this pair could indicate a conflict between two people-an intuitive, emotional type who acts on his gut feelings and the practical type who carefully plans ahead, with an excellent head for brick and mortar business.This could also represent an opposing attitude within you. A need for tangible and solid evidence versus plainly trusting your instincts.

These two cards may not exactly be in conflict with each other, in fact they could reinforce each other. Both queen of pentacles and empress suggest nurturing female qualities. Sometimes this pair shows that a certain energy could be revving up an extra oomph.

Ironically, sometimes we have to experience situations in a lopsided way for a time to attain what we aspire for.


by Jovita Orais