Spirituality and Drugs – Do They Mix?

On May 17,2011 Dr. Joseph Mercola’s email newsletter featured an article on Rock Star Stevie Nicks’ use of both illegal and prescription drugs. Even though Stevie Nicks used illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin in her past (and has detoxed from those drugs at centers such as the Betty Ford Clinic), she was quoted saying that her detox from prescription antidepressants and tranquilizers “made Betty Ford look like a cakewalk.”

“My hair turned gray and my skin molted…You can detox off heroin in 12 days. Coke is just a mental detox. But tranquilizers–they are dangerous,” said Stevie Nicks. She claimed the prescription antidepressant Klonopin destroyed eight years of her life.

The following day (May 18th), I received a monthly email newsletter from spiritual advisor and channel Geoffrey Hoppe (who channels Adamus St. Germaine and Tobias). In the “Shaumbra Monthly” was an article titled, “Mind Meds.”

Geoffrey Hoppe writes that although both Adamus St. Germaine and Tobias have not focused on Ascension “Do Not” lists, at the top of their lists is the recommendation that pharmaceutical medications for depression and anxiety be avoided, even though symptoms of depression, anxiety and loss are a normal part of the awakening process.

Geoffrey Hoppe mentioned that the topic of spirituality and drug use came up when his organization announced a new project focusing on spiritual growth. Participants in this global project are required to be free of any use of medications for depression or anxiety in the last 18 months.

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I can understand that such drugs interfere with spiritual growth. Even though life may be in crisis and chaos, it’s important to resist the temptation to cope by taking prescription drugs. The depression and sense of loss is normal, and in fact, a challenging situation helps individuals awaken to profound spiritual truth as well as much-needed change.

Adamus St. Germaine, channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe, had this to say about mixing spirituality and drugs: “These medications block and/or distort the light-source to the brain, therefore distorting your reality and your concept of Self…Perhaps one of the greatest dangers is that the medications block out these important reminders from the inner, from the divine. The medications interfere with these normal and important communications.”

By “light-source to the brain” I am certain that Adamus St. Germaine means higher consciousness and guidance from your higher self and from your guides in the other realms.

Adamus is also right on about the effect of mind medications on higher consciousness. Several years ago, I went through a personal and spiritual crisis and antidepressants were recommended to get me out of a depressive slump. I had thought about this and I realized the following.

One, I was clear that my depression was caused by very real and very difficult circumstances (not by an imbalance of chemicals in my brain), and I didn’t see how the medications could help me change my circumstances. Two, I “heard” my higher self say, “If I take medications, they could prevent me from finding the answers to the questions I really want to resolve.” Lastly, I had been mostly free from medications all of my life, and I wasn’t about to begin with them then.

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Today I am so glad I had followed my inner guidance as I have accomplished much in terms of personal and spiritual growth–and life is so much more satisfying as a result. Also, I have put together original ideas about why we are here and how to end the suffering on this planet, ideas that enlighten and uplift humanity, from the perspective of someone who has a “foot in both worlds.”

It is important that anyone aspiring to be a pioneer in any field have a firm grasp of reality, otherwise he or she may not have the confidence to keep going forward with their project. They will question themselves too much and be stopped. Furthermore, I am positive that mind medications affect your ability to forge new neural pathways in the brain, make mental connections, recognize patterns, and critically think.

Of course life the last several years was no cakewalk, but I have gotten through it with realistic optimism and gratitude–the kind developed after getting through a difficult journey. Clearly, if your goal is spiritual growth and an ascension in consciousness, it is important to avoid drugs that affect the mind.


Source by Christine Hoeflich