How King Solomon Seduced the Queen of Sheba and Later Impregnated Her

This is one of the great loves of mythology and reading about it even now thrills young and old

A great seduction

The Tale of Solomon and Sheba and their love affair is mentioned in the Bible. This is not the only source and we have other corroborative tales as well. One tale from Ethiopia recounts how Solomon seduced the Queen of Sheba. When the queen reached the kingdom of Solomon, she agreed to stay in his palace, provided he did not touch her. Solomon readily agreed, but as he was a very intelligent man he added a condition. He said that his oath not to touch her would stand, but would not be valid in case the queen used any personal item or thing of his. there are many versions of this tale, but the central theme is the same, attraction and sex between the Queen of Sheba and the great king Solomon. In a way, it is a tale that has been replicated millions of times and each one of us has lived through a similar episode.

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When the Queen came visiting Solomon she was given a bedroom adjacent to the great king. Solomon had seen the queen he longed for her. Can we call it to love at first sight? He made a devious plan to bed the queen and he resolved to possess her.

Keeping his promise to the queen in mind, Solomon got a large ornamental glass filled with water and took a big sip from it. He later placed the glass by the bedside of the queen. At night the queen felt thirsty and got up and drank from the glass. Solomon who was waiting in an adjoining chamber with an artificial partition was able to watch the Queen not only undress but reinforced his plan to enforce his part of the promise. Solomon entered at once and claimed that as the queen had drunk from his glass she was his. The queen who was in a state of undress had no choice but to acquiesce and she gave herself to Solomon. Perhaps she secretly desired him. It is reported that Solomon made ferocious love to her and soon the Queen after this bout became his consort. Solomon shifted to her bedroom. She later conceived. All the same, it’s an interesting tale and the union bore fruit as the queen conceived a child from Solomon.

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This tale from the bible is wonderful to read and was very well presented on celluloid with Yul Brynner and Gina Lollobrigida in the movie ” Solomon and Sheba”.


by Madan G Singh