All About Poppet Magick

Magick with Poppets is usually done when you are directing a spell at a specific person (hopefully with their permission, and never to affect their free will). For example, spells for healing, losing weight, protection, and love (remember, you must have their permission!). You can get poppet materials at any good wicca store.

Creating a Poppet is very simple. All you need is some cloth (or fabric) in a color that feels right for the spell you are trying to cast. Poppets are created in such a way where you can stuff them with special herbs depending on the spell you are casting.

If you are doing some form of Love Magick for instance, you would stuff the poppet with Love herbs mentioned in the Herb section. (you may even include a photo of a person who has given you permission to do the spell on, or one of their hairs, etc)

You would then cleanse and consecrate the poppet for the four elements, before using the poppet in a spell.

If you ever cast a spell using a poppet, remember that to end the spell (if you ever want to), you simply need to caste a circle, and take apart the poppet within the circle to remove the effects of the spell.

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In my Witchcraft Home Academy In-A-Box, I show you exactly how to create poppets (it is very hard to describe without showing you) in the DVDs – and includes step-by-step demonstrations of how to consecrate poppets and other Magick tools. And of course, I will walk you through some very powerful poppet spells that have brought me some amazing results.

Now I want to tell you all about using Mirrors in your Magick.

Though they aren’t used quite as much as some of the other tools, their use can create results that other tools can’t (such as the ability to see into the future in certain divination spells and rituals).

Not only are they used in Divination and Scrying (both discussed earlier in this book), but if a mirror is consecrated and blessed under a full moon it can be used to reflect negative energy – creating one of the strongest barriers for protection.

And it also works for positive energy. If someone sends positive Magick (or simple positive “thoughts”) in your direction – not only will they be beneficial to you, but your mirrors will reflect this positive energy back to the sender.

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There are also many spells that incorporate mirrors to bring inner beauty to the surface for the entire word to see – making you more attractive to other people in every single way. (and yes, some of the Mirror Magick will attract romantic prospects into your life)

Lastly, there are some advanced forms of home protection spells that use mirrors. One of the most powerful protection spells incorporates both Candle Magick and Mirror Magick. Even though it’s not that complicated, I decided not to show the steps here. It is important for you to actually see the spell being done in a demonstration. I would never want you to be in a situation where you do the spell on your own without any guidance – and think your home is protected, and be completely unaware that it is not protected at all!


by Rose Ariadne