Sonic 1 Hacking Tutorials – Level Editing Part 1 | Video

Sonic 1 Level Editing Part 1

Part 2 will consist on testing the rom and, my Do’s and Don’t ‘s’

Seting up a disasm:

Fixing Green Hill: Alternative –



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Any questions state below. Thanks for watching and happy hacking.



  1. The videos by Qjimbo are no longer on youtube. I found the info for setting up the split disassembly but I don't find the info for the the Green Hill fix, can you help me out?

  2. I have a problem!

    Every time I open up SonED2, I open the green hill zone and instead of the terrain, it shows nothing but code! Do u know what's going on?

  3. Every time I import the Sonic Green Hill Zone stage to edit it in SonED, all it shows is a bunch of code, do you know what's going on?

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