Spirituality Reveals The Innate Feeling Of Contentment

Explore the true meaning of spirituality

Spirituality is an intrinsic and indispensable component in the life of an individual that envelops all his values ​​and ethics. It is about discovering one's inner self while parting from the materialistic pleasures of life. Spiritualism covers a wide range of practices which are intensely divine and lead to a high level of satisfaction. The path to spiritualism is considered to be a journey to explore one's soul, the deepest thoughts, views, fears, desires, compassion, hatred, love and all other feelings that occupy an individual's mind and heart. It holds you close to God and your inner self thus enabling you to achieve immense gratification.

Deviation of spiritualism from religion

Religion is seldom confused with spirituality since there is no clear boundary that separates the two. Most religions consider the soul to be a countenance of God. Spirituality indistinctly deals with the soul whereas the religion deals with the interconnection with God which varies with the thoughts of people meaning leading to the evolution of so many different religions each involving a particular set of beliefs. Religion invokes faith in God whereas spirituality invokes interconnection with one's inner self, God and the soul. Thus, we can say that spirituality has encapsulated religion.

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The most common spiritual practices

Spiritual practices involve the regular performance of activities that cultivate spiritual development in an individual. These practices may take many forms which vary from religion to religion. Some of the practices that are most commonly followed are:

Yoga: This is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that leads to the attainment of a state of perfect tranquility and acts as a way to pave the path to reach the divine. There are various benefits that this practice offers which include increase in memory, concentration, attention, depth perception, well-being, social skills, mood and self actualization. Anxiety and depression decrease and the person reaches close to the divine while releasing oneself from the worldly bonds.

Meditation: It is a mental state in which an individual has the ability to train his mind and perform in-depth self analysis and take actions to improve self actualization. In this, an individual concentrates to a focal point until he reaches a state of semi-consciousness. Though there are many other practices as well, this one is the most commonly followed.

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Vegetarianism: Avoiding the consumption of non-vegetarian products leads to the satisfaction that the individual is not responsible for hurting any form of God's creation and is doing his best to abide by the rules that have been set for nature. This leads to the achievement of self-contentment.

Since the tools for spiritual development pave the path to God, these practices of exploring one's inner self are the best way to enter into a communion with God. Every person has a goal set for him and spirituality just gives him a self-oriented way to achieve that goal despite all odds. The anxiety of the soul is suppressed otherwise helping him achieve the deepest satisfaction of the soul. The inner contentment thus achieved improves an individual's confidence, faith in God, nature and happiness. Spiritualism is thus the most effective way to explore one's being and to establish an immortal connection between the mind and the soul.


by Aditi Tyagi

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