Magazine Style WordPress Theme and Why Your Site Needs It

Whether you are a seasoned internet marketer or just an ordinary blogger you of all people will know this cruel fact:

"No one will visit, let alone bookmark your site if your pages looks unprofessional, long-winded or in worst case, having a bad design …"

Studies conducted by Joel Comm a veteran in AdSense and online marketing has shown that it took 5 second or less for a visitor of your site to determine whether they want to stay, or click the back or close button.

In the unforgiving world of online marketing and website development, having a simple but yet engaging "first page" prove to be better than just having words and flashy graphics.

So what is Magazine style WordPress theme, why you should change your site design and where to find it?

With the advancement of internet connections revolutionizing the world of information technologies, we can find internet access to places that you would usually dream of connecting to the internet. The Web 2.0 has also made it easy for anyone, anywhere to have a website without getting a degree or going to schools.

One of the most popular open source (free) content management system or CMS that are used by ordinary bloggers to popular websites such as the CNN and New York times is the WordPress. It is easy to know why so many websites are using wordpress, because of its easily customizable themes, design, its useful widgets, plugins and last but not least, its free!

When searching for freely available theme or deciding on shopping for premium themes, WordPress user are being bombarded with thousands of choices, and chosing the right design for your website can be a headache. The Magazine style wordpress theme took its name from an easy to navigate "Magazine cover" style. The Magazine style theme stands out from the rest due to its superior layout and presentation of content, and more users are drawn to change their wordpress site into Magazine style themes.

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But like many great themes and designs, there are some pros and cons of the Magazine Style WordPress Theme:


1. More featured content previews than bulky paragraphs.
Ever visited a site with long winded, bulky content on its first page and immediately you click the close button?

2. Establishing a website while writing a blog.
Many users like to look professional with the magazine style "real" website looks, rather than blog standard face.

3. More control of what you WANT to feature.
You have got millions of information you want to tell, but you have got to filter the first page just like a normal magazine cover, so that readers want to read on and click to your next page.

4. Ability to put engaging pictures and videos to interact with visitor.
Welcome to the Web 2.0 world! The Magazine style wordpress theme really revolutionize blogging by allowing your site to look like a professional news and media portal.

5. Great Ads Placement.
Maybe it is just personal, but I find that the advertisement placement in this theme is one of the best and smart way to get your AdSense or message across your audience.

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1. More heavy editing and work. Most people like you and me do not know html codes and can only do minor editing to enhance the site.

2. too much content VS too little content. Blogs or websites with too much or too little content can make the page look messy and unorganized.

3. Requires more clicking for your visitors. As content can only be seen on the next page, your users have to do the extra effort to click onto the next page to see what you have written.

4. Freebies VS premium templates. Free is always good, but you need dedicated support and a unique look so that your site can stand out from the rest.

My last word of advice is that, if you do not wish to be bothered by simple html coding and changing your whole blogs or sites into the WordPress CMS, then the Magazine style wordpress themes is not the right one for you.

But if you love your site, and wish that you get more unique and returning visitors, or you are like me, an internet marketer who want people to come and convert each visit into cash, you have got to check this Magazine style WordPress theme, as it might change your world forever.


Source by Anton Goodman