How to Define Divination in an Ever-Changing World

To define divination, we can say that it is an attempt to foresee the future. Another way to define divination is to use it as a method of identifying or solving a particular focus. That is to say that it is used to find out what is going to happen, or to learn details about a situation. A divining rod is used to locate a source of water, providing the reader with details about water that were not available through ordinary scientific methods.

As we further define divination, we should note that divination is a literal translation of “consulting with gods”, and the forces used are considered mystical and of a godly nature. Mystical and magical forces are employed during a reading of any type, whether it be coffee grounds or the orbits of the planets. In understanding psychic events, we must remember that such mental forces, while they can’t be proven, are in many ways supported by the physical laws of nature and physics. String Theory, also known as M-Theory, is far more complicated, and relies on the existence of dimensions that can’t be proven to exist by modern science. For all that can proven or disproved, the forces that allow divination to work may even be related to the ones that describe string theory in some fundamental way. These are, after all, cosmic forces which are at work. You could even define divination as an alternate way of interpreting the laws of physics. Just as a scientist would use advanced math and a chalkboard to calculate the position of a planet, an astrologer uses the same calculations, and then follows up with time-tested interpretations of how that will effect the world around us. Because of the very nature of things “divine”, we must use many concepts in order to define divination.

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Prayer is a word which can be used to define divination. While praying, we are consulting with God, in whatever form we acknowledge him, and requesting answers to questions, problems, even for advice in our careers and love lives. Many consider meditation to be a form of inwardly-directed prayer. Many divination methods strongly advise mediums and readers to use meditation, and possessing a high state of mental relaxation. Remember, when you define divination, that the person is not creating the information, they are merely using tools which aid them in receiving the information from otherwise unreachable outside sources.

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by Richard Wilkins