How to Make Facade Tarot Readings

For an aspiring Tarot card reader, the process of learning how to make readings can seem quite daunting. However, fear not! The way to become a successful tarot card reader is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Although numerous books and resources exist on how to make Facade Tarot Readings using tarot cards, the basic method is actually quite simple.


Many experts suggest building a close bond with a new deck of Tarot cards. This can be accomplished in many ways- sleeping with the Façade Tarot deck near to one’s heart or pillow, for example. Doing this over several nights will cause an attunement to the deck which will aid your interpretation in the future. Another way to bond with your tarot deck is to meditate with the deck for a few minutes a day. Be careful not to let others handle your deck once properly attuned- it may break the bond that you have worked to create. It is acceptable for others to shuffle and cut the deck, however, and this will not affect one’s bond.

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To stimulate creativity and positive energy, it is important to create a proper atmosphere. Soft candles or incense can create an atmosphere which will relax the mind. Specific color candles can also be used to enhance results:

  • Blue: curative, calming
  • Purple: enhances dreaming
  • Green: wealth
  • Black: cancellation of negative energies

Soft, calming music maybe played to help the Facade Tarot reader focus, but loud music and other distractions should be avoided. In particular, heavy electronics and electronic devices should be turned down so that they don’t interfere with the tarot deck’s innate energies.

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Divination and Interpretation

When ready to begin divination, first focus on the question being asked. Visualize your question (or if reading for another, ask them to visualize their question). Shuffle the deck while considering the question in your mind. Ask the question aloud while cutting the shuffled deck, and then deal out four cards in a diamond pattern (as a baseball diamond).

Things to consider:

Orientation: Right-side up cards contain positive energies. Upside-down cards reverse the meaning of that particular card and are negatively affected.

Position: The position of the cards in the diamond correlates to:

  • First card dealt (top of diamond): love life
  • Second card dealt (right point): financial health
  • Third card dealt (bottom of diamond): fitness and satisfaction
  • Fourth card dealt (left point): work life


by Charles E Bush