Divination With Stones – How to Use Stones in Divination

There are two basic types of divination with stones. One relies on the type and color of the stones, to provide meanings which must be interpreted, and the other has runes painted or carved on the stones, and the reading is made by translating and interpreting the runes. Both general methods of divination with stones have many variations, and both require a good deal of study to be used properly.

You may answer a Yes / No question by shaking the bag in your hand while contemplating the question. When the feeling that the time is correct arrives, reach into the bag without looking, and quickly grasp a few of the stones. If you are holding an even number of them, the answer is Yes. This is a simple method of divination with stones, and the question’s answer may be amplified upon by considering the meanings of each of the ones you have grasped.

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Using color stones, a more complex method of divination with stones is almost identical to a three card tarot spread. After becoming aligned with the energies, reach in and take a single one out. Do this three times, placing each one in order from left to right. The leftmost represents the past, the middle reveals the present, and the righter one shows what the future will bring. By consulting their mystical and elemental meanings, it is possible to see how the situation came to be, exactly how the elemental forces perceive the question, and how to expect the answer to be resolved.

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Reading of runes is a similar way to do divination with stones. Each object is marked with a rune, usually pictish, wiccan, or other pagan symbols. By interpreting these marks, one is able to divine information and resolve conflicts. Of the many types of divination with stones, runes are perhaps the most powerful, as they are charged to perform a task, and marked with iconic symbols of immense power. Any new reader should study each rune, and become accustomed to it’s power and feel. As with most objects and talismans, being psychically aligned and physically in tune is crucial. Meditation while holding them tightly in your hands can be a big help to achieve this goal.


by Richard Wilkins