The Benefits of Solving Ancient Mysteries

When people hear the words Ancient Mysteries, most of them think automatically in terms of secrets, conspiracy, cover up’s, mystical powers, pseudo science and so on and so forth. However, in this article we will look at Ancient Mysteries in a non bias and different way. Neither pro nor con, but simply in terms of solving them and what impact this would have on our planet and society. In order to do this we have to look at those mysteries as what the really are: Mysteries! Nothing more, nothing less.

The first thing we want to do, when looking at mysteries, is not to pay to much attention to any theories or other far out explanations. We simply use common sense as to what is possible and what not. Just the facts, that it is a mystery. Of course in mainstream archeology, speculation and deduction is part of the process. However, there it is based on hard evidence and discoveries. In this article we will not too much time on actually solving any mysteries, but rather we will look at what the impact on society would be, if any of those mysteries would be solved. By solved, we mean either the discovery of unknown, long forgotten methods or processes, or prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that there is simple, down to earth explanation to that mystery. In some follow up articles, we will look at some individual mysteries in more detail, but for now, we will deal with the overall possible benefits of solving Ancient Mysteries. First, let’s see what kind of “categories” of mysteries are actually there. Well, the range is a pretty wide one and goes from medicine, mind body connection, religion and spirituality, construction, transportation to astronomy and more. So, now the question is, how all this translate into pro or cons for our planet and society? Well, here it is. Take for example the mystery of ancient building techniques. Everyone agrees that the ancient builders used huge stone blocks to build their cities and monuments around the world. Most of the time in remote regions, where there weren’t even any building materials available and it was also close to impossible to grow food for the work force, and the stone blocks had to be transported some time for hundreds of miles to get them to the construction site. The disagreement is about the HOW all this was being done. Yes, the archeologist have found some evidence that suggest that it was all done with wooden rollers and wooden sledges, pulled by man and the project took decades to accomplish.. Not to mention the precise stone cutting and fitting.

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However, this doesn’t seem to explain all the aspects of those massive construction projects, very well. There might have been something else going on, something we are missing. But, as said before, we are not going to investigate the mysteries themselves, but rather the impact it would have, if any of those alternative technology theories would be proven right. Can you imagine what the discovery of a new transportation technology would do to our society? You can forget about fossil fuels guzzling, environment polluting cars, trucks, construction vehicles, rail roads and so on. The transportation industry would be revolutionized. Not to mention the instant cleaner air that we would be breathing. The same goes for the stone cutting technology. No more blasting of tunnels and roadways, as well as mining for minerals. Roads and tunnels could be cut nicely, clean and smoothly right out of the mountains or any other terrain. No more dust, no more blast debris, gentler to the environment and no more rows of heavy equipment like bull dozers or hauling trucks. Also, the surfacing of the roadway would be made much easier and faster. Entire new spin-off industries would develop, which in turn would create jobs and investment. Just what the economy needs. I guess by now it is pretty obvious, that the solving of just one ancient mystery could have a great positive impact on our society and on our planet as a whole. It would make live on earth so much better. Since there are so many mysteries and secrets out there, one can only imagine what kind of changes could be brought about. And if it turns out, that all those mysteries have simply straight forward, down to earth, explanations after all? So what! At least the mystery is solved.

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So, in essence, everyone who is interested in ancient secrets and mysteries and is working to solve them is also working to make this planet a better place to live on for everyone. I can’t think of a better reason to follow ones passion. I hope you enjoyed this article and will come back for more.

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by Werner Leo