Psychic FAQ: Do Mediums Use Tarot Cards?

Q: Why do mediums use tarot cards? Shouldn’t they be able to communicate with spirits, or the other side without needing a spiritual “tool” like tarot?

A: This is a pretty good question, and to be totally honest with you… it really depends on the psychic or medium that you are speaking of.

Most mediums that I’ve spoken with or interviewed don’t use the tarot, but others do, and I don’t see any conflict or anything unusual about it at all.

Here is why:

Different psychics use different tools, techniques and methods to do their work. Many find some expression of creativity or concentration very helpful for achieving a level of intuition they wouldn’t have using their ordinary awareness.

George Anderson, for example… the famous medium, is known for drawing rapidly while doing a reading and communicating with spirit.

Other mediums go into a trance state or use meditation to connect. If tarot helps a psychic or intuitive feel more connected, or more in flow… I have no reason to question what sort of method or technique that feel is necessary to get information.

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As a quick extra point, believe it or not, MOST highly skilled people in these sorts of areas use some sort of ritual to help them do what they do best. Athletes, musicians, artists and creative people who need to attain a high level of focus use tools as much as technique – be it music, certain body movements or, if you are a professional psychic or medium, something as tried and true as tarot!

Remember, judge the reading on the basis of what comes through – and not what it takes to get there

Other types of tools that are popular with psychics and mediums?

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Obviously astrology is a very popular art and science that has it’s own set of tools. But lesser known tools that some mediums find very helpful are reading objects, and the energy that they emanate. This is typically referred to as psychometry, and ti’s very popular with psychics who do law enforcement style work, as they’ll read the energy or emotions associated with an object owned by a missing person, a crime victim or even a suspect.

The beauty of GENUINE psychic ability is that it manifests differently in each and every psychic or medium who does the work! Much like no two artists are exactly alike… no two psychics or mediums are exactly the same either. (and that’s what makes seeing someone new so incredibly exciting for me… EVEN after all of these years!)


by Danny Fredricks