Purple Boxing Glove – Make More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Purple boxing gloves make more than just a fashion statement in the ring. Boxing is not just about the physical aspect, there is a mental part to it as well. All by themselves these types of gloves can be some what intimidating. And adding the color purple to them can help enhance the intimidation.

Purple boxing gloves can give a boxer a psychological advantage over their opponent. The color purple, as with all basic colors, has a meaning behind it that makes a declaration on its own.

The color purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, and ambition. The color purple is also associated with wisdom, independence, creativity, and mystery. All of these meanings are great attributes to posses when trying to mentally outsmart your opponent.

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Purple boxing gloves are made up of the same qualities of other gloves made for this sport. You can find these gloves in many different sizes ranging from 4ozs to 16ozs. It is very important to pick the right size for your hands. Wearing an incorrect size not only will feel uncomfortable, but can cause damage to your hands and wrist.

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Some of these gloves are made from leather while others are made from vinyl. Leather gloves cost a little bit more but are recommended because they will last longer and provide better support. Vinyl gloves are suitable for lighter activities such as a boxing fitness classes.

Purple boxing gloves are for more than just a sense of style. The meaning behind the color purple can give a person a mental advantage while training or in the ring.


by Matt Matthews