Santa Claus Is White And That Is Racist – Actually, Once He Starts Working, He Is Black As Can Be

Today I talked to a College Student at the Malibu CA Starbucks, she was a very well-spoken gal, obviously from a family with means (judging by the Porsche she drove off in), and it was obvious that she had a fairly significant IQ with lots of prep-school education prior to her Pepperdine attendance. We got to talking about cultural challenges in our society. Specifically, the undercurrent of racism and as an example she noted that Jesus is depicted as a white male, and Santa Claus was also white. I laughed but decided to let her explain – and she gave me a perturbed facial expression and went into her pre-considered and obviously rehearsed speech.

The gal told me that Jesus was black, not white, as he was from an area where most people at that time were of dark skin, but that when you go into most any church in America, except a few All-Black Churches that Jesus is depicted as a white man, and that such an image is false and a form of white bias, and it was unacceptable and a rewriting of history. She told me that Donald Trump was a horrible choice for President because he is another White Male and that white males have had too much power in our country and that’s why we are where we are today. I tried to remind her that Barack Hussein Obama has been president for eight years, and race-relations have gone backwards. Of course, she wouldn’t let me finish before giving me another dirty look and then stated;

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Obama could have done a lot but white men were so worried about losing power that they attacked him every step of the way – and created race tensions. Okay, no luck there trying to get her out of her apologetic mental displacement for left-wing politically correct agenda, and before I could rebut that nonsense, she went on a tirade about the poster boy for Christmas – Santa Claus – Another white male.

She told me that the whole Santa Claus narrative is wrong – that a white man is in charge and you better be nice, because all that is good, all the gifts you want come from the white man. I must say I was a little taken aback by this. I’d had enough of this conversation – it was just ridiculous. First, I’ve seen Black Santa Clauses at the mall and no one said that was wrong, and black moms were happy to see him there too. Second, everything isn’t about race, and these arguments are not only baseless. They are absurd.

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Before I let the gal go, I told her this: “Well, everyone knows that Santa Claus turns black each Christmas, because when he goes down just a couple of chimneys – he’s got so much carbon and soot on him that he’s all black. Just take a picture while he’s delivering packages and you’ll see. Besides autonomous flying robots will be taking Santa’s job soon anyway.”

She just looked at me and said; “Whatever, you didn’t listen to a single thing I said.”

Actually, I did, but she hadn’t said anything worthy of a constructive dialogue and I found her use of intellect and statements ludicrous. Think on this.

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by Lance Winslow