Sleep Like a Rock With the Perfect Mattress

A mattress is one of the few products in life that justifies its price, as quality sleep simply can not be undervalued. However, that doesn’t mean anyone needs to break the bank for an upgrade, as great deals abound. While most mattresses last quite a while, it may be time for a bed foundation regardless. Old beds collect dust, allergens, and generally lose their shape and quality, resulting in poorer sleep. At the same time, an aging body requires increasing firmness and support. Get the inside scoop on mattress types and sleep through the night like your teenage self.


Traditionally, these are the oldest, and yet still the most popular type of mattress. Coil springs are now individually enclosed to prevent them from poking out of the material. More springs generally add firmness, although at a certain point additional springs become redundant. Recently, innerspring has flexed its versatility, as latex or memory foam can be layered on top for comfort and softness. The innerspring family has the widest range of options in terms of firmness, cost, and quality. Although, those factors don’t always correlate, so test any potential new purchase. Your body will thank you later.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam is all the rage these days. These types of mattresses are comprised of layers of foam. Each layer has distinct density and warmth factor. Therefore, memory foam is the most customizable option, and the company prides itself on finding the right combination for each type of sleeper. The material molds to each body, which allows the body to relax while also reducing pressure on joints. This is beneficial for those with chronic pain. However, they can amplify heat with their temperature sensitivity foam, so this isn’t the best choice for those who prefer cool sleeping conditions.


A latex mattress is described as similar to memory foam by those who have tried both. That is, they are typically on the firm side of the scale and supportive throughout the back area. Latex is a very durable material that pushes back against weight to fight against a “sinking” feeling in bed. Unfortunately, latex cannot be adjusted once it is purchased, so a shopper needs to be confident in their purchase before taking the plunge.

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Air Bed

A popular spin-off of the innerspring, these aren’t the type used when guests come over and you run out of guest rooms. Instead, the top layer of these mattresses is filled with air to control the firmness. Foam or other soft toppers are placed over it for maximum comfort. These types of beds are recommended for those with spinal cord injuries because they pinpoint air control so the problem area isn’t pressed against. The same benefits extend to those confined to their beds for a longer period of time or for couples who prefer extreme differences in firmness.

Don’t be complacent and assume that the old standby is “good enough.” With new mattresses available at low prices, everyone can find their new sleeping gateway.


by Andrew Stratton