Settings and Key Bindings – Apex Legends Optimal Keybinds – Apex Legends Tutorials | Video

Settings and Key Bindings – Apex Legends Optimal Keybinds – Apex Legends Tutorials

As per requested in one of my previous videos Apex Legends tutorials, an overview and dive into the keybinds and my Apex Legends settings. One of the keys to winning more games in Apex Legends is movement combined with gunplay, the keybindings I use are optimal to stay in movement as much as possible. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

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  1. Anyone else having problems with toggle on mice? When I aim I need to click aim once and then press it again to cancel ads. Someone please help 🙂

  2. Press c to crouch hold, allows to push easier. Control is toggle. Let’s you sprint and crouch while sliding better too. I don’t use numbers, I just scroll. Q to tactical and z to ultimate tab opens inventory while x inspects. E and R are going to stay the same- people that reload with F are weird. T is to chat. G,V are optional. Mouse setting are truly a preference. I use my mouse down extra button as the meds select, while using the up extra button as an extra tactical. Press scroll wheel down to ping. I have a sniper button which really helps the anti recoil without cheating. ?

  3. You didn't go over even close to all the buttons, and your visual was apparently different than where your actual keys are. Good try but it took me a long time to get all of the actions to a place I'm comfortable with, it just takes a lot of tweaking. The only thing I'm not super jazzed about is if your in an inventory and press Esc, you wont back out of the tab but completely go into the pause menu!

  4. So I’m new to pc gaming and I’m pretty confused as to how to hit the keys if you get what I mean. Would I hit shift and ctrl with my left pinky?

  5. so is it possible to unbound the punch button completly, i can change the location of the button but not REMOVE IT. THAT SUCKS.

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