Sir Francis Drake

FRANCIS DRAKE: – It is my perspective that history has had secrets which Royal Families like the Stuart Bees needed to keep close to their vest; and that these secrets are still kept by our supposed ‘experts’ in history, to this day. The English claim to ownership in the Americas has been made on the basis of John Cabot who may never have reached the area of Canada and that Venetian half witted mariner was laughing-stock among his contemporaries. If our history allows that other nations would have given credit and rights based on his story – then almost any kind of secret agreement can be imagined. It must have involved the Holy Alliance which continued in such later acts as The Treaty of Verona between the Romano-Bruttii of Rome and England in 1822.

The Toronto Star has a book review on Sunday August 10, 2003 which allows us to explore these secrets involving beaus and illegitimate children of Queen Elizabeth. Bacon, Raleigh and Francis Bacon are all implicated spies and machinators paramount or paramour in the real history.


The Pirate Explorer…

If Samuel Bawlf has his way, it could turn out that the best-kept secret of the 16th century (and since) is that legendary sea-dog, Sir Francis Drake, discovered Vancouver Island, Georgia Strait and points north up to Alaska.

Bawlf, a former minister in the B. C. government and a geographer by training, lays out his theory in The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, 1577-1580. With a cast of supporting characters ranging from Queen Elizabeth I to her spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, and her astrologer and one-man think tank, the Elizabethan magus, John Dee, {Who at a very early age studied with Mercator and was awarded the highest honors. He also knew the Rosicrucian Earth Energy Grid. I have found Masonic crafted building in the area along with trepanned skulls such as the Merovingian King Dagobert had. This esoteric act allowed greater spiritual attunement but the archaeological record I found it in has no knowledge of these things and considers it merely mysterious. That record and those artifacts are pre-Christian but no where near as old as genetic tracking shows that Vancouver Island (near an enormous gold source) has human habitation – 75,000 years. That is according to CBC radio and its excellent show IDEAS. Walsingham was later replaced by Bacon who may have been Elizabeth’s son but had to maintain a Catholic image to some degree which allowed another interesting deal to allow James Stuart to become King of England. We all know his half brother Lord Boswell was a great esotericist who he feared greatly while he killed scribes who would not write the Bible as he saw fit; and killed witches galore due to his own belief [fear is belief in this case] in their power.} The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake is a tale of maritime adventure, state secrets and cover-ups which even a practised conspiracy theorist might be hard-pressed to improve upon…

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As evidence of a cover-up, Bawlf draws on his knowledge as a geographer to analyze a couple of contemporary maps and accounts of Drake’s voyage which really do bear an uncanny resemblance to the coast of the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island – only the geography is placed at 10 degrees of latitude further south… and with a gag-order amounting to a 16th-century version of the Official Secrets Act.

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Why the cover-up? Well, for one thing, this was a time when maps were as jealously guarded as atom-bomb secrets in the last century and hi-tech innovations in this…

For another, England was in a cold war with the Catholic powers (chiefly Spain). As the premier Protestant power, England was providing military aid to Dutch Calvinist insurgents against their Spanish overlords, and destabilizing the realm of France with financial aid to the Huguenots (more Calvinists)…

{But these so-called Calvinists were headed by Hibernian Troubadour types like the Cathars. I have also found them involved in Illuminati escapades with the likes of Goethe and Carlyle. Goethe and William of Hesse or Mayer Rothschild founded the Weishaupt Illuminati along with a few others I have dealt with.}

In 1954, an Alaskan prospector found a metal plate inscribed in Latin, naming Drake and claiming the land for Queen Elizabeth.” (27)


by Robert Baird