Sony PlayStation 3 is in a League of Its Own

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is more than a game console. When it comes to comparisons with Xbox 360, there is not much competition left between the two. PlayStation 3 looks better, is much thinner and lighter also. PlayStation 3 uses tons less power and is a whole lot quieter while playing its discs.

The Sony is more than just the recreational game playing console. It has more disc space so you can download content from Sony’s website making this a no lose situation for Sony and the customer. The PlayStation has built in Wi-Fi and a built in Web Browser so you can walk around listening to your favorite songs wirelessly.

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Customers who have the PlayStation 2 are looking very hard at the PlayStation 3 because of the great upgrades Sony has done. It may be worth the upgrade on the looks alone. The design is so eye appealing that you don’t have to hide it in a cabinet or back behind the television. What I’ve seen, it plays the blu-ray discs very nicely without any hiccups. Who needs a blu-ray player when you can use the PlayStation 3 to watch movies or listen to music. The Sony PlayStation is just not your everyday run of the mill game console. It’s way more than that.

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The PS3 is now comparable in price to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo consoles. PlayStation 3 games are more expensive. I would guess the reason being is that PS3 plays the blu-ray discs. So in my opinion and dollar for dollar the Sony PlayStation 3 is quickly outdistancing the competition. Check out the competition and I think you will agree with me.


by Alan Peirano