How to Fix One Red Light on Xbox 360 Fastest? Incredible! You Can Get it Back to Play in 1 Hour

Many people don’t believe in themselves, they think it’s too hard to fix one red light on Xbox 360 error. But if you read this article you will know that repairing all of Xbox 360 errors are very simple.

Many Xbox consoles have the problems, such as one red light on Xbox 360 error, e68/e74 error or GPU fail. Somebody said the reason is a little wrong design by the designer, however I will tell you how to fix Xbox 360 console yourself.

Why don’t I recommend you to send the Xbox console to Microsoft?

  1. Wait for 1-2 months to receive it back.
  2. If it isn’t in the warranty you have to pay $140-$150 for the repair cost
  3. This problem or the other problems may happen again in the next month, that means you have to pay the repair cost again.
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So, the best option to fix one red light on Xbox 360 or other errors is fix it yourself.

The methods for checking your Xbox 360 error:

  • Make sure all cable’s connections to the television are correct.
  • Check the power supply is enough, the Xbox console should get the power from the independent power bar.
  • If the console is overheating, shut down for a few hours. Or install more ventilation.
  • If the error still shows the one red light on Xbox 360 that’s mean your Xbox has hardware failure and you have to fix it.
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How to fix one red light on Xbox 360?

I recommend you to fix it yourself. Believe me and believe in yourself, it’s not too difficult. And you will thank with me after you see the repair guide.

There are many of reliable Xbox Repair Guides on the internet. And I show the top 3 most popular for you at my website.


by David Meijer