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It is difficult to continually be pilloried and demonised whilst under the threat of land expropriation without compensation whilst paying a disproportionate percentage of personal tax in relation to the masses that don’t. The equation is not dissimilar to that of 80% of the wealth is held by 20% of the population, except in this case only 20% pay tax, and in this case the burden is borne by those who have historically made this country’s wealth not plundered it.

Furthermore blatant threats to life and limb whilst daily life has now fallen victim to intimidation, discord, violence and economic disruption with factions rioting for what I know not but worse still they have no idea.

You have started well. Your minions allow lawlessness based on some premise that everyone has a God-given right to have what they want when they want without having put in the hard yards of education, qualification, competition, commercial tightrope balancing, failing economies, fluctuating financial arenas, employee dissatisfaction.

You ask, no demand, this whilst accusing the most productive section of the community to take ownership of what took place when many of them were struggling to master their bodily functions in the popular diapers of the day, for the privileged and nappies for the less well-heeled.

One might ask what the youth of today are doing to address their role in the excesses of Shaka Zulu and how they are going to compensate the descendants of the vanquished.

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No amount of name changing to public property and sabre rattling will change history and if you do not take heed of its lessons you are doomed to repeat them.

You might be fooling the majority but we all know in our private moments you are not fooling those that matter both nationally and globally.

This country was built on blood, sweat and tears by men and women of character who faced a struggle far more perilous than that of today, and don’t think they will relinquish that heritage without the same blood, sweat and tears rallying to the call.

Cut to the quick and expropriate funds from the thieving officials who have salted away in the four corners of the earth without compensation other than lengthy incarceration with the assistance of proper functioning of the legal system. Expunge the corridors of snakes and vermin and then the real wildlife. Refill the coffers with the stellar spoils of ill-gotten gains.

Fulfill your long-held promises to those neediest. Banish to the political wilderness those that over the years have evolved in insatiable leeches sucking the lifeblood of the nation. Warn them an attempt to return will carry the most severe sanctions.

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Complete your commitments to the Republic with its new-found wealth than board your first class if not private jets and deploy your best emissaries to every nation we can trade with, gain from and offer aid, to achieve the status that South Africa held once upon way back when the bow and arrow was top-secret, a time then, like now, is the global village we live and breathe in.

All of the showcasing, all the filibustering and political rhetoric cannot in my eyes change the very, very cogent fact that you, but more, South Africa needs the whites.

Not to apologise for history beyond their grasp. No, you need them to assist in going forward in the way they shaped South African history, in a way that RSA now holds the finest springboard throughout the continent of Africa. Do not spiral into another failed state the likes of which pepper Africa today.

South Africa can and will deliver, but only and I mean only if you deliver…

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by Mike Hill