Spells For Love – Many People Believe Spells For Love Are Not Real

People are unfamiliar with spells for love beyond Hollywood and TV. When the idea of them being real comes to mind, they may find it ridiculous. Many confuse magick with faith and religion. Unfortunately, the latter had all spirituality taken out from it and came to be all about keeping with going to church on Sundays. Those who consider religion a definite authority think it is all there is to spirituality, getting discouraged and sometimes being led to atheism.

Although magick may be practiced in the context of a religion, which in my opinion limits the learning of the magician, it is not a faith but experiential knowledge. Calling upon a spirit implicates seeing and hearing it. While out of your physical body, you can check what a friend is doing and confirm it with him later. When you cast spells for love on someone, you can notice a radical change in his or her behavior. Magicians don’t practice magick so that maybe their life will change for good but to make it happen.

There is evidence of magick all around us. It conveys the nature and usefulness of spells for love. Evidence even gives you an idea of the methods used by magicians to accomplish their tasks.

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Religious evidence of spells for love

The Holy Bible is the most popular reference of magick in the west. Joseph had a silver cup whereby he used to practice divination (Genesis 44:2-5). Aaron’s rod became a serpent before the pharaoh of Egypt, and turned the water of the Nile river into blood, including reservoirs in vessels of wood and stone, killing all fish at the same time (Exodus 7:8-12 and Exodus 7:17-21). Jacob’s rods made flocks bear young that were streaked or spotted (Genesis 30:37-39).

Historical evidence of magick

For the Egyptians, magick was everyday life. They had a particular inclination towards talismans and amulets, from which a collection is exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Talismans and amulets resembled an animal, symbol or deity and sometimes consisted of grouped shapes. Material, color and incantation put on them differed as well. Talismans and amulets could be a necklace, bracelet or ring. Dolls made of wax and other materials were used in spells for love, nowadays a well-known practice in Voodoo. A doll made of terracotta with nails stuck is exhibited in the Louvre museum of Paris.

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Present-day evidence of magick

The period of 1888-1908 is marked by the foundation and disintegration of the Golden Dawn, one of the most influential and respected magickal orders. Wicca and spells for love were revived in 1954. There are pre-existing magickal traditions that became more popular.

Scientific evidence of spells for love

The company Neurosky developed a headset that decodes brainwaves and streams them to control video games and other devices. Researchers led by Brian Paisley and Robert Knight, professors at the University of California-Berkley, developed a device that translates brainwaves into words. Because thoughts produce brainwaves, they are real like a radio or TV signal.

People make claims about magick when they don’t really know about it. They and others believe them and that is why their love life is in chaos. But that doesn’t have to happen to you. Now that you know spells for love are real, you can use them to get the love life you want.


by Carlos Floress