Tarot Readings for LOVE: 3 INSTANT Answers You Can Get From a Spiritual Relationship Reading

What are tarot readings for love good for? Is a tarot card reading even accurate at all? What kind of information can I expect to learn from a relationship reading? Can I tell if he loves me… or if he’s REALLY the one simply by what comes through the cards?

Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at tarot cards for love, and see what you can learn about your life, and about LOVE, within 20 minutes or less, with a qualified and talented tarot reader. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Evidential Answers

The first thing you should look for when trying to determine how accurate tarot cards are… and the specific reader you are talking to as well? Evidence. Or said in more spiritual terms… evidential information that comes through the reading that assures you that what you are getting applies SPECIFICALLY to you. After all… no matter how much fun a tarot reading may be, if the information is too general, or non specific, or even inaccurate for your current life conditions or circumstances, it makes very little sense to continue with the reading, let alone make important decisions predicated on what comes through.

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Karmic Compatibility

Most good tarot readers will look at the spiritual significance of not only your own spread, but how those cards align with the karma, and compatibility you have with a specific “soul” in your immediate orbit. Most commonly, this is the person you are currently involved with now, or someone you may be curious about, or quite often… someone who may BE In your life right now in a non romantic or intimate way, yet… has some sort of soul mate significance that neither you, or the other person has yet to realize.

Precognitive Answers

Simply stated, the most common reason people get a tarot reading is to forecast the future. And precognition, or divining future oriented information, is the strength of the tarot over other similar spiritual tools, simply because they have such a rich and storied history of being so GOOD at doing so accurately. Remember, the tarot is a symbolic spiritual tool. Many of the card combinations you’ll get offer up a wide variety of potential paths… and choices, and most importantly… lay out some spiritual scenarios that are possible contingent upon what path you pick.

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Nowhere is this MORE important than in the domain of love, romance and relationship… where a choice you make TODAY, can reverberate for many years, decades or if you believe in karma and compatibility like we do, many LIFETIMES in the future as well.

So choose WELL. And even if you are 100% skeptical, or curious but not convinced, have a personal experience with tarot to see why so many of us won’t make ANY important decision without taking a long look at the spiritual story that cards symbolically spell out… before we do!


by Angela Zoile