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While the world is preoccupied with terrorism there is a cancer that is engulfing us all. We cannot keep denying it.

It will destroy the world long before terrorism does. You know what it is but try to ignore it…

You see it on TV nearly everyday but choose to ignore it because you think nothing can be done. But something can be done.

You say to yourself… ‘Anyway I am not causing it and it is not my problem’. But it is your problem.

The earth is a finite size. It will only support so many people. The human race has overpopulated it.

The Industrial Revolution has given us today’s wonderful technology and living standards in developed countries but has resulted in the most dramatic growth in population in all of history. For thousands of years the world’s population was around 1 billion people. However since the start of the Industrial Revolution in 1750 it has exploded and is now over 7 billion. World population is now doubling every 60 years. It can’t go on like this without affecting us all.

Recent samples compiled by scientists in Antarctica from the Aurora Basin Ice Core Drilling, show carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have grown exponentially since 1750, directly mirroring population growth.

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In developed countries we seem to think it is just a problem for India, Africa and China. However the carbon footprint of a person in America exceeds that of an average Indian by over 1,200%, and an average Ethiopian by over 10,000%. As China and India industrialize with Africa likely to follow in the future, pollution and environmental degradation is set to continue at an ever-increasing pace.

Overpopulation is the direct cause of climate change.

We see it through:

– Heavily polluted cities

– Deforestation around the world

– Deserts expanding and more frequent droughts

– The greatest extinction of animal species since the dinosaurs

– Recurring famines and suffering in Africa and other developing nations

– Over fishing and depletion of fishing grounds around the world

– Coral bleaching due to run off from rivers from farming

So what can be done?

Descartes gave us the answer with ‘I think therefore I am’. My thoughts exist. I can think for myself and no religion, government or company will tell me how to think. But just like in Descartes day are they not still telling us what to think?

What are we up against?

Religions that virulently oppose contraception.

Governments that want continued economic and population growth.

Companies that want ever-growing population and markets.

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We are being brainwashed into believing all this nonsense that is being thrown at us.

For thousands of years the people were told what to think. The Pharaoh’s in ancient Egypt set themselves up as gods, the church in Galileo’s day (and still today) say only they have access to the divine words of God. Companies today bombard us through ceaseless advertising that we must buy more and more of the latest consumer goods.

Are we still not being told what to think? How free are we really to think for ourselves?

The earth cannot take much more. Nature is telling us it has had enough.

It is time to take a stand. The controlling powers do not want to change things. Throughout history change has only come from ground up movements by the people.

Education and contraception are the first steps. We need to start a ground up movement and spread the word via the Internet through Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

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The author, Stephen Morris B Comm (Economics)UNSW is a company turnaround specialist. This work involves simplifying complex situations.


by S J Morris