The Best Gaming – Demon’s Forge

As we move forward, so do the video games. There’s a high risk that the old ones will be forgotten, that we could walk away from the elements of video games we once loved. Take a look at a game from your past that you once enjoyed, do you still enjoy it? Today, games are striving to be bigger, complete with sweeping narrative. At one point in gaming history, all you needed was a character with a tiny sword that sweeps back and forth. In the face of the huge gaming world, the older games have been forgotten by many.

Let’s take a look at Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, this takes gamers back to the days of slicing and dicing enemies and walking through dark, spooky dungeons filled with unknown digital creatures. It has more in common with Hero Quest than it does Oblivion. Of course, there is a great storyline that goes along with it and the main part nests in putting co-op in the heart of gameplay (thank you for making it Co-op!). Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is all about killing things in dark places.

This game consists of using a variety of buttons – it is not a one button hack fest. This game has invented a third-person/action adventure hybrid, in my opinion. Yes, this may seem strange, but it is pretty cool! Grab your melee weapon with a push of the button and the camera will zoom out to give you a better view of your character. Push the trigger button to whip out the bow and you the camera will give you an over-the-shoulder view.

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You have two characters – Caddoc and E’lara. Both of them are able to use close combat weapons, but Caddoc is stronger in melee and is able to use bigger axes and swords that have a lot of power. Don’t worry, E’lara hasn’t been cut short by any means, she specializes in super fast-firing longbows, which by the way, Caddoc is not able to use.

You can unlock your characters special abilities as the game progresses by spending crystal currency, which you pick up throughout the game. For example, Caddoc is able to lift up enemies in the air, which makes it easy for E’lara to aim and shoot. E’lara can use frosted and explosive arrows, which is great crowd control.

Sure, you can play the game solo, but when you do, your companion will not do what you want them to do and there is no command system. I believe the game is much better when it comes to co-op play, which is available via split-screen and online.

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The storyline isn’t the best out there, but it is still good. The tale shows us an alliance of creatures forming a group for reasons we do not know, until the end. They are taking tons of slaves to the ancient ruin – Caddoc and E’lara do not know why. These two have been hired to save the mayor’s daughter, who was taken. Caddoc an E’lara are pretty interesting – Caddoc is afraid of creepy spiders, while E’lara is impulsive and constantly competing for the most kills by going in head first.

If you did not know much about Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, you would think it was an outdated RPG. However, once you start to play it, you quickly realize it is a great hack and also so called Xbox Slash game which has been layered with slight RPG elements, adventure puzzled and third-person shooter.


by Riya V Sengar