The Jeti Religion

The newest and best religion of all is the Jeti Religion. And it is going strong as many people abandon the ridiculous ancient fables, folklore and religious hand-me-down crap we know of today as literature and not even good literature. Recently in an online think tank the subject of religion came up and a member stated;

“We can then foresee in the distant future not a abolishment of religion, but a synthesis of higher thought and religion as a highly philosophical, scientific and spiritual form of metaphysical science.”

Indeed we are seeing such an emergence now in the UK and Australia with the Star Wars “Jeti” type religion concept. So you have something here indeed. Now then if you can get rid of all these fundamentalist religions, which blindly follow their genes of past periods into mortal combat, that would be nice.

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As civilizations have grown up in the first world and if we use the GDP of the first world nations to limit population growths to the point of collapse then we no longer need human wars. But we must also realize that wars also have helped mankind achieve greater heights in technological advancement, so then we would need to replace human wars with a common cause and to continue their drive and forward progression.

Personally I am of no religion whatsoever and am not interested in signing up for any. If a human needs a religion to help them find “self worth” then perhaps said human has an identity issue with self. In that case a religion of any kind might be a crutch worthy to provide an inner peace or life’s mission. However if one lives a life of falsehood, is that indeed a life experienced well lived?

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If one chooses a religion like you have mentioned; indeed it is better than the other tales and folklore of past periods carried on into this present period, but replacing one concept with another; well is that really the solution or are you attempting an “interim” or bridging concept for the human race to allow them to rise up? If so I applaud such efforts, although perhaps there is a way to skip all these steps completely? Consider all this in 2006.

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by Lance Winslow