The Meaning of Candles

Throughout time, candles have also held some symbolic meaning. There are candles for christenings, candles for holidays whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion and there are candles that reflect a deeper meaning, whether it is a meaning of celebration or a meaning of love.

The colors of individual candles have different meanings as well and many people, although not knowledgeable about the different colors, are at the very least, interested in the meanings.

So before you light a candle, read this article to learn the many meanings of the colors.

The Colors of Candles:

White: More than likely, you understand what white means. It is after all linked eternally with purity, innocence and enlightenment. It is a cleansing color that is believed to cleanse both the mind and the spirit and heal any emotions that are in turmoil.

Black: There has always been something about black candles that bring up thoughts of discord and evil. Most people would shy away from black candles since they have been given such a negative image, especially at the hands of Hollywood. This is actually furthest from the true meaning of a black candle and in fact, black candles are supposed to be the color you burn when you are trying to destroy negative forces and energy. They are also believed to be the appropriate color to use for healing when you are battling a serious illness.

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Red: It doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out the meaning of red candles. They have been linked with love, passion and sex for countless decades. Red candles encompass all of those things and more since the color can also mean health and vitality, fertility and strength, courage and willpower and it can also mean the darker emotions such as lust.

Purple: Purple is actually my favorite color of candle and it problem has to do with the colors link to wisdom and knowledge. It is a color that speaks of spirituality and divination as well as success and power.

Gold: Gold seems to be a popular color during Christmas season and it is fitting in many ways since gold is a color of divination and delightfully enough playfulness. It is also a color that brings to mind success and wealth.

Green: Like Gold, green is also associated with success, and wealth but it is also associated with health throughout a person’s life; health in marriage, employment, success, physical growth and also fertility. It is the color that reflects a bountiful harvest.

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Blue: Blue is a tranquil color that is filled with harmony, contentment and a sense of peace. It is the color to use if you are trying to lose weight or if you are simply trying to find your center. An excellent color of candle for meditation, it is believed to bring inspiration and happiness.

Silver: We can’t forget about silver if we have already looked at a metallic candle. This is another color that is very popular during Christmas but it is actually a color that is known for its neutrality. It is another great choice for meditation and reflection.

Yellow: And what about yellow? It is the sunshiny color that brings with it a sense of happiness. It is also believed to reflect intelligence and wisdom and it is an excellent color to choose if you are busy in academic pursuits, whether they are studious or creative in nature. It is a color of change and energy and will definitely keep you busy.

And there are the meanings of a few of the more popular colors of candles. For every color there is a meaning and each color harmonizes another so play around for your own desired effect.


by Sirena Van Schaik