What’s The Real Difference Between Huuricane Katrina and A Terrorist Attack

Some people on TV are defending Homeland Security and FEMA Stating they are really geared up for a terrorist attack and not a natural disaster. What really is the difference between a Natural Disaster and a terrorist attack

Do they think we are so dumb as to believe that if it had been a small nuclear bomb (planted by a band of terrorists) instead of a category 4 hurricane that the reaction from the federal government would have been better? What is so different from a category 4 Hurricane and a terrorist Attack?

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The only difference really is the cause of the damage (and the lack of advance warning with a terrorist attack). A terrorist attack that targeted the Levee system in New Orleans could have in fact been even worse because it would have came with no advanced warning and many of the people who left prior to Hurricane Katrina would have still been in New Orleans. Many of The people who stayed and stocked up on the basic necessities would not have had a chance to do so if it were a terrorist attack with no warning.

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A terrorist attack would actual add the additional level of complexity because law enforcement would be tied up trying to find the terrorist and making sure no other attacks happened. If Hurricane Katrina gives us a snapshot into the type of response that can be expected to a terrorist attack I for one am very worried.


by Mike Makler