What is Cyber Terrorism?

The Government and the specialist of IT security have affirmed a substantial increase in the cyber crimes in the current situation. There is growing need amongst the officials concerning the intrusions which are conducted by the cyber terrorists or other terrorist organizations. This happens due to the potential loopholes in the security system as a whole.

But, what is Cyber Terrorism? Cyber terrorism is defined as the terrorist acts which are committed with using computer resources and cyberspace. A cyber terrorist is a person who frightens or compels the Government for fulfilling his or her social or political intentions. This is done by launching an attack through the computer networks. A common method of such attacks is the spreading of false propaganda on the internet about a possible terror attack at the time of holidays or some festivals. Sometimes this attack is actually carried out.

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The e-commerce statistics show that if the internet is down for a single day the losses rise to billions of dollars. Not only is e-commerce affected but, the banking sector, authorizations of credit cards and other communication avenues are also affected. The list is endless. The amount of unfathomable information which is hampered is immeasurable. But, the amount of cyber terrorism correspondingly gets increased with the rise in the value of computer infrastructure. Leave aside the fiscal implications; the psychological impingement caused due to the turmoil is more damaging to the economy. The augmented reliance of the business houses, society and even the government on the internet, makes it the prime target for the terrorists for creating nuisance in the economy and the overall lives of the people.

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There are some other methods too which are used by the cyber terrorists such as hacking which is channelized towards certain individuals or families. This is done by network groups which have the intention of troubling people and demonstrate their power. The primary intention of all such crimes is ruining the daily lives of the people, robberies and blackmailing etc. Cyber Terrorism is a big stigma on the society and hence, urgent measures are required for preventing it.


by Aamod Bhor