False Beliefs About the World of Tarot

Nowadays, many people already believe in the efficiency of tarot cards. However, it is undeniable that the term “tarot” will always be questioned and doubted by some. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of myths concerning tarot cards as well as tarot symbols.

The first false belief about tarot cards is that it is a form of magic. Some would say that no one has the right to touch any kind of tarot card except for a tarot card expert because the magic can be affected and thus, will bring negative results. However, tarot card symbols have nothing to do with magic. It’s just that the tarot cards have tarot symbols which convey meanings.

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There are also some who would say that tarot symbols are products of evil people and thus, the cards per se are evil too. Actually, this particular myth started when the Christian church eradicated the Pagan people way back before. And, during those times, tarot cards were considered as things of the Pagans. Thus, many people firmly think up to now that tarot cards and symbols are evil. But of course, this is not true.

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Some would further say that only psychics can read the tarot symbols on the cards. This is not really true for any one can read the cards. The only secret to have a better understanding about the tarot symbols is to be acquainted and memorize all the basic meanings of some common symbols. The basic tarot symbols are animals, architectures, objects, and plants.


by M Rhiane