The New Generation – Is Shatta Wale Introducing New Militants?

Popular Ghanaian dancehall act Shatta Wale who also happens to be the oracle of the Shatta Movement family and the head of the then Militants seem to be ready to introduce a new phase of the Militants.

The Militants who were made of artistes such as, Natty Lee, Captan, Addi Self and Joint 77 recently collapsed, leaving Captan alone as the only surviving Militant still with Shatta Wale all because he wants to learn according to the Militants leader.

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News about their departure was confirmed bY both parties with lot of reasons flying around as to why they are no more with Shatta Wale which included one that said the Militants were not ready to learn that is why the Shatta movement boss sacked them.

In a recent post, Shatta posted an artwork of a prodigal Shatta Movement member, Ara-B and and the only existing Militant, Captan and added the caption, “The new generation”. The artwork was a yet to be released song titled ‘Antidote’.

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