Lady Shares Story Of How She Mistakenly Had S3X With Her Boyfriends Twin Brother

My boyfriend and I were going through a tough period in our relationship, so we decided to spice it up…He suggested we try acting like strangers and pretend we were just meeting for the first time
While this was going on and his lines were so smooth.. I ended up accusing him of cheating and we both left the restaurant angry
I went home feeling bad,it wasn’t my fault. He had cheated a couple of times but he was my first and only so I ended up always forgiving him
I decided to make amends the next day, I searched for the best outfit to go and seduce my man with . I needed to make him hard at one glance.

I settled for a silky dress with nothing underneath, This made my features pop out more..
My firm boobs and nipples that was shooting out of the dress like it wanted to create a hole in it..
My hour glass figure and round buttocks that lifted the dress up.
I wasn’t ready to waste anytime and have him get upset while pulling my panties, we got angry a lot these days
I ate two whole pineapples before bed and one for breakfast.. We must taste fruity force cos mans must go down ..
On my way to his house, I was stopped SARS , I was hoping they don’t ask me to come down, cos your girl was practically naked
I had to tip them and continue, his gate man was talking about him not being around.. Where does he go on Saturdays pls? I ignored and went
I saw my boyfriend lying on the sofa, watching tv.. Did he get a new haircut? Why is he looking a bit lighter?

Baby!! I called , but he turned and gave me a surprised look.. I was excited, he was still up for the strangers game. I played along
“I came to deliver something to you” I said raising my dress slowly as I walked towards him.. I’m sorry I’m his twin he said and got up..
“I came to deliver something to you” I said raising my dress slowly as I walked towards him.. I’m sorry I’m his twin he said and got up..
I pushed him to the chair and sat on him.He was on a boxer and Tshirt, his scent was strange but s3ductive.. I wanted to l!ck him all over.

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My right hand on his chest as I placed his hand on my waist with my left hand. I kissed him,he didn’t kiss back, I tried again,he cooperated
It started getting intense and we both started releasing soft moans, he pulled my dress and my boobs stared him in the eyes …
He held them like he was afraid, like he was seeing boobs for the first time(this role playing thing err)My man grabs boobs unapologetically.

He squeezed it softly rubbing his thumb on my nipples making me go wild in my brains..I wanted him in me, I wanted him in my mouth
I tilted backwards, grabbing his D with my hands ( wow! Huge) I started thinking twice but the situation didn’t let me think right..
I knelt down and held his D firmly. Stroking it and looking intently into his eyes.. I could see his soul flaming red with passion.
I started Circling the cap with my tongue , then I l!cked it from up to down, letting my saliva lubricate it before putting it in my mouth
I held his joy stick firmly, taking it half way in and out my mouth, one hand fondling his balls.
I started going without hands,massaging his balls then I took his D all in.. Making it touch my gullet like I wanted to swallow it.

He screamed with joy “Yes, Lord..” This made me go deeper realizing I was pleasuring my boyfriend so well..
It came out of my mouth with so much moisture and I started rubbing it up and down, concentrating on the cap..
His eyes were rolling to the back of his head, his waist was moving uncontrollably but I held him down.. ??
He leaned forward and slid his finger in my Vjay , It must have made him wild, cos he picked me up and flung me to the chair.
He Placed my legs on his shoulder and buried his face in my Gold,he moved his tongue up and down, l!cking all my juices with passion.
“Sweeeet” he screamed His lips on my clit, turning it in circles with bit of pressure. I could see beneath the sky.. This world was my own
Just as I was about to climax , he inserted his chocolate rod inside me, I released a loud moan as I felt it in my womb.
“K!ll me ” I screamed and he reached for his neck and increased his pace.. There’s a thin line between life and death Guys..
He was hitting me hard and choking me to death,I was hitting him from underneath. he hits,I hit,we hit.I could feel my soul leaving my body
Agh!!ughhhh!!! Yeaaaa!! Yesss!!! Right there!!!! Keep going!!! Yes ! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Yesssssssssssssssssss…
You pay me back cheating with my twin?I heard and I turned.. Who is my boyfriend? I managed to say..
That was when I realized ???
I just had s3x with my boyfriends twin brother ???
You want to know what happened after that? Nothing.. I didn’t hear from either of them again..

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