The Numerology of Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll

Before Elvis, there was nothing. John Lennon

How much greater praise could be given by one music superstar, John Lennon, to another, Elvis Presley? But Beatles icon John Lennon was not the only musician to applaud the King of Rock and Roll. World renowned Twentieth Century American musician, conductor, composer, pianist, and author Leonard Bernstein said this of Presley, Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the Twentieth Century.

Could such plaudits be more profound, especially when offered by two esteemed global icons? It can’t get any better than to be known as the “greatest cultural force” in a century or to have someone say that before you there was nothing! Any individual with such laurels dripping from his cape certainly needs no further introduction.

Few entertainers have captured the imagination of the world more than Elvis Aaron Presley, born 8 January 1935 and passing from this world on 16 August 1977 at the age of forty-two. Known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis changed the face of the music world forever. He and his legacy still fascinate people the world over, magnetizing them to his life and persona. Why?

  • What numbers made Elvis a global icon?
  • What is special and rare about his Basic Matrix (personal profile)
  • What single number was present during the time of his mother’s death, his divorce and his own death?

99-9 Triumvirate

The number 9 is the most powerful, universal, public and charismatic number of the nine basic numbers 1 through 9. When the 9 is multiplied eleven times to become the 99, its power is magnified eleven times, giving it extreme recognition and public acclaim.

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Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart both had the universally powerful master number 99-9 in their numerology charts. Elvis did too. The exceptional thing about Elvis Presley’s chart, however, is that he had a very rare tristack of 99-9 energy: 1. Life PE ( Performance/Experience-the role of his life); 2. Crown Epoch PE and 3. the sum of his Name Timeline PEs of “Elvis,” “Aaron” and “Presley.” As if this exorbitant amount of 9 energy were not enough, Elvis’s Lifepath and Expression (full birth name) were also 9s. There was no way Presley could have lived a normal life, let alone an unknown one. He was born into a public destiny which landed him atop the Mount of Music.

Basic Matrix: Master Artistic Triad

Elvis’ Basic Matrix was also unusual. It housed, not just the 3-6-9 artistic triad but also the 33-66-99 master artistic triad, a numerical structure reflecting a commanding level of talent and communication. As noted, Presley’s Life PE was a 99. His Soul (the driving force of his life) housed a 66-3 master lover energy, which was also present in his Material Soul! His Material Nature (worldly personality) was a 33-6. Furthermore, all the numbers of his Basic Matrix were 3s, 6s and 9s.


As great as any individual is in life, suffering, sorrow, turmoil and tribulation are often part of the recipe of destiny. The single number reflecting the tragedies of Elvis Presley’s life was the number 8, not because of its presence, but because of its absence. The name Elvis Aaron Presley has no Hs, Qs or Zs, the letters equating to the 8, the energy of connection and its opposite, disconnection. When a letter is missing from a birth name, a void occurs. Voids are like missing wiring in a car. The voided energy of the 8 manifests as a disconnection and is written as 8v.

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Presley’s 1st Epoch housed the IR set (Influence/Reality) of 8v/8v. His 1st Challenge was a 7/8v8v-7.This was during his early life, its problems and the death of his beloved mother. This 8v/8v IR set also dominated his 2nd Challenge, the time period of his divorce from Priscilla. Elvis died in August (8th calendar month), manifesting an 8v/8v IR set and also during the 512th month of his life, an 8 in reduction, creating another 8v/8v IR set. His Crown Pinnacle was also an 8v/8v. In all, Presley’s chart radiated a decaset (ten component set) of the 8 void! It is this massive amount of disconnective energy that was present during all of Presley’s most difficult times.


Massive fame and massive disconnection were the dual sides of Elvis Presley’s life. His numerology chart reflects much more than this short article relates. Yet, it reflects enough to illustrate that destiny is not happenstance, that our lives follow an inescapable predetermined path of events and circumstances, and that all of us, whether paupers, commoners, kings, queens, icons, superstars or celebrated celebrities are powerless to change the course of destiny.


by Richard Andrew King