Top 5 Ice Hockey Goalie Tips For Beginners

We all know how much attraction sports into our young people nowadays. Study shows that this is because sports gave them freedom of expression. A sport boosts their self-confidence, maintains self-determination, and allows competition that will give them the feeling of achievement at a young age.

Parents should be supportive yet strict in guiding their kids into sports as this activity might put their child’s life into injury. These are techniques that are useful to athletes in reaching their goals. Here are top 5 helpful tips or techniques to be followed concerning ice hockey games.

· Prepare your whole self. Ice hockey goalies are the most are oftentimes receives the blame and less honor, but, have the most important function in any ice hockey games. They are significantly important for they carry the success of the game. To get a high regards for every game, it is important to be well-prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every game or competition needs a lot of goalie drills. You should be more than 100% prepared in order to win the game. You might indulge yourselves into hockey goalie drills, and workshops to help you get that confidence. Stretching and warm shots are important before any game so let yourself embrace the power of stretching and warm-shots before playing the game.

· Set up your goal. A goal is a key to win the game because this hockey goalie tips will help the athlete to maintain focus all throughout the whole competition. Keep your heads high and never put down yourself are goaltending coaches best goalie tips. Aiming the top is also a great motivation for players especially when playing as ice goalie. Forwards are meant to score goals; it is part of the game. Have a hard and positive goal and never give up. Many players easily give up their goal for they are afraid and loss the confidence while playing. You should be relaxed and not tense in the actual game, but don’t be over relaxed for this will keep you away from your goal. The Alexander Goaltending Schools designs a skills and mental toughness program that will keep you focus on your game.

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· Communication. A goalie should be the loudest on the game of ice. You should talk with your mates and defenseman and tell them that any fore checkers are coming at them. None of them have eyes in the back of their head so you can “yell” to them. Communication in hockey goalie practice drills is very important in games because you are on the one the playing coach inside the court to direct team and each of you should provide the same effort to be proud. One of the main functions of a goalie is to communicate with his teammates as goalie can usually see everything that is happening on the ice. You should be vocal especially if they are screening you, or if an opposing player is close behind you.

· Wear the always-ready position. Being on the right position will help you to maintain relaxed on the game. The goalie stance usually gets modified and finds his style eventually. A nice or hockey goalie training drills or guides to follow when starting out is to stay low, with your knees bent and weight evenly distributed on the balls of your feet. Your body should be square to the shooter; you are on the inside edges of your skates, your gloves are a little in front of your body and your stick is in front with the blade flat on the ice.

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· Freeze the puck. Don’t hesitate to freeze the puck when you feel your team needs a line change, or even if your team is all out of sync. Cover the puck and get a face off. It can be useful for a goalie to slow the game down. If the opposing team has already showed momentum, you may want to slow the game down. The next chance will be your time to keep the play moving especially when the power play lies on your team.

Being aware of ways in preventing injury will help each athlete to be cautious in maintaining safety while enjoying the goodness sports brought into their lives. Strategies are also important especially when playing as ice hockey goalie.

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by Arnold Santos