Top 6 Video Games – Get Into the World of Excitement

Why the magnetism for video games for all ages? There are incredible number of diverse styles and types of games on video. If you’ve been playing these top games, you would know what exactly you prefer in a video game and perhaps have your favorites.

Here are a few Top 6 Video Games you would love to play:

1. Assassin’s Creed II – this game will draw you into the deadly and lush Italian Renaissance atmosphere. It will force you into a world of riches, arts and murderous conspiracy. You will be introduced to a new assassin called Ezio; the character belongs to a line of noxious forebears. The game offers a play against corruption and power as you polish your assassin’s skill.

2. The Deadly Premonition – This is a third-person action, horror and survival game that blends ranged combat, a great story as well as crime investigation. The game follows the journey of Francis York Morgan a Special Agent, one sent to inspect a cruel murder of a juvenile woman. He must solve the different mysteries of the murder as well as stay alive where paranormal creatures and legendary murderer are heading to end his search permanently.

3. Aliens vs. Predator – this is another fantastic and fall under the category of top games. It is a game where you experience a terrifying and claustrophobic situation, a place where light is a friend and a destination that’s never enough. You will be a marine, and humanity’s last-line of defense, with automatic weaponry and latest high explosive. As the marauder, you will be outfitted with some exotic and powerful weapons as you track your enemy from their shadows and above as well. As an alien, a deadly species, you will play with the objects of frightening monsters from the mysterious world.

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4. World of Warcraft – takes place 4 years after the real time plan Warcraft series that told the tale of a twenty five year struggle between elves, gnomes, humans and dwarfs and the Horde. It is an outstanding game and falls under the category of well liked video games. The game has lots of variety and plenty of detail in the character formation. If you pass away in the play the only penalty paid by you will be to receive the time taken to get back to the game. The game provides a map which fills in the details of places you have been hence you can always track where you stay in the game. It can be a challenging game and to master it could be a little difficult, however it is attractive to look at and loads of excitement to play.

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5. Guitar Hero 5 – offers the finest variety of characteristic rocks to make a totally entertaining filled game which features 85 master tracks. With an option to customize the makeup of the band by means of several combination of instruments. There are different game modes which include RockFest, Career, Quickplay and Party.

6. Lost Planet 2 – the game takes place in harsh deserts and tropical jungles. The player gets to customize the snow pirate on his quest to get hold of the control of the changing planet. The player also gets to control the heroes to produce an exclusive interactive experience.

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by Wendy Cale Standish