Traveling Through Time – We Are Getting Closer to That Technology

Man in businesssuit stands in the city at night facing a big portal that can take him to another dimension or travel in time. He holds on to a big metal clock. Sparks fly from the portal which is round.

Have you ever dreamed of time travel, perhaps go back and change something that you did wrong or a mistake that you made in your past? Have you ever wondered where you would wish to travel in past periods or if you traveled into future periods? Well, I think we all have and if this subject fascinates you, as it does me, then let me recommend a very good book to you:

“Time Travel Einstein’s Universe; The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time” by J. Richard Gott III; Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, NY; 2001.

This is a great book and easily worth the $ 25.00 and the physicist makes lots of points about the differences between Newton’s Universe and Einstein’s Universe and theories. And now with all we know about quantum physics it is obvious that time travel is possible, the question is can we physically send a living organic something through time; that we’d like to see. This book takes a look into the reality of the physics behind time travel with chapters titles like:

  • Dreaming of Time Travel
  • Time Travel in the Future
  • Time Travel in the Past
  • Time Travel and the Beginning of the Universe
  • Report from the Future
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This book is well footnoted, annotated and cited, so the author knows what he is talking about and builds a very strong case that, Yes, time travel is possible and in the future we will be able to travel through time. Perhaps, this figures considering the author is indeed, an astrophysicist at Princeton University.

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I would recommend this book for anyone who has ever considered the “Grandfather Paradox” or was intrigued by such movies, which have plots and genres that include time travel such as; Planet of the Apes or Back to the Future for instance, although there have been so many others.

Source by Lance Winslow