Vatican Was Built Over the Temple of Jupiter by Constantine

One of the key practices of religion is to build sacred sites where people already attend in worship of their gods. This is why the Vatican was constructed over the temple of Jupiter in Rome. He was the chief god of the Imperial Roman Trinity, the other two being Juno (his wife) and Minerva. The latter was the goddess of wisdom and war, among other things.

The Italian and Latin alphabets have no [j] or [u]. These are derived from the Germanic languages and are the equivalent of vowels, which they replaced for convenience. Jupiter is, therefore, ‘ipita’. It translates as ‘eye of pita’ where ‘pita’ equates to the English ‘Peter’. It is why the Vatican is called St. Peter’s and why Jerome, writing at the end of the 4th CAD, called Peter the rock on which the Catholic Church is built.

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Constantine established the religion in 325 AD and Revelation 13:13-18 states that he used the image he created of the beast with a wound by the sword who lived as its prophet. He is identified therein as 666 and he forced everyone to worship the image he put forth or be killed. He also took control of commerce and trade, according to this prophecy.

Untangling the web of deceit and how the Roman conspiracy put in place by Constantine and kept up by those who have followed has only been possible due to the Spirit leading me. In Jeremiah 31:22 it is prophesied that a woman will compass this man after those of the Spirit have done with their backsliding. This is the time of the fast approaching end of days and the information given is bringing him down.

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Bit by bit, line upon line, precept upon precept, the world is coming to know how Constantine rules the world. His kingdom survives through the building and parliament of the Vatican.


by Norma Holt