Voodoo Magic Made Simple: Symbolism in Spells and Dolls

Voodoo is a very confusing and complicated religion. But the magic behind it is actually quite simple. Once you understand that symbolism and representation are the two key factors in performing the magic spells, the rest is easy. Starting with a simple love spell, we can take the names of both people and write them on a pink piece of paper. Use red ink to write the names, draw a circle around the names and cut the paper into a heart shape. Then fold the paper in half with the names of the people touching each other. Burn this paper using the flame of a pink candle. Take the ashes and put them in a tiny box. Add rose petals and daminan. Seal the box and bury it in the yard of the person wanting the love spell. Very basic, very easy, and yet very effective. This spell is based almost solely on symbolization. When you understand this, you can create spells of your own. First we start with writing the two names. You write them in red ink because red is one of the colors representing love. Next, you draw a circle around the names. This represents the two people being together and sealed away from influences of anyone else. You cut the paper into a heart shape, once again representing love. You fold the paper in half and have the names touching each other. This represents bringing the people together. By burning the paper, you are making the situation unable to be changed. So you have burned the paper with the names touching, which means that these people are together and cannot be broken apart. You mix the ashes with rose petals, rose being a flower of love and the herb, damiana which is an herb used in love magic, then seal these items in a box and bury it. This just sets the magic again, where it can’t be broken. Sometimes the easiest spells can be the most powerful. They don’t have to be fancy and complicated to work.

The same rule of thumb can be followed in any kind of magic spell. Take a spell to attract money for instance. Start with a dollar bill. Sign your name on it in small writing. Rub any type of money drawing oil over where your signature is. Money drawing oil can be obtained through almost any type of magic or occult shop. Next, take a small green piece of paper and write your name in the middle of it in green ink. Draw five dollar signs around your name forming a circle around it. When doing magic, you always want to use odd numbers, hence the five dollar signs. Draw a large circle around your name including the dollar signs in it. This seals the money with you so that you don’t “lose” it. Take the dollar bill and place it flat with your signature facing up. Then take the piece of green paper and place it on top of the dollar bill. Finally take a green feather and set it on top of the paper. take all of these items and fold them in half. Continue folding them until they are small enough to fit in a green gris-gris bag. An empty gris-gris bag may be purchased from a magic or occult store for very cheap. Be sure that it is green to symbolize money. You can even make your own bag out of green fabric. Be sure that the bag is sealed so that nothing can get in or out of the bag and carry it with you to attract money. It can be carried in a wallet or a purse, or in your pocket. Once again, a very easy spell yet also very effective.

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The idea of symbolism is used regardless of what kind of magic you are working. Take for instance a voodoo doll. Say that you want to make one to make someone have loving feelings towards you. You can either buy a blank doll or you can make one yourself. If you do one yourself, you can stuff him with Spanish moss and a combination of some herbs that have to do with love and power. For instance, damiana, mugwart, orris root, and lavender would make a nice combination. When you add these to the Spanish moss, this gives you 5 stuffings. Notice the “odd” number. Now you can do various things when making the doll to get your desired effect. Remember the symbolism. You might want to write your name on a small piece of paper and put it into the head of the doll. Hence you will always be in the thoughts of the person. Also, you may want to take a small piece of pink or red paper, cut it into a heart shape, then write your name on it. You can sprinkle some damiana over your name and seal it on there with wax from a pink or red candle. Now you have the dolls heart with your name on it, so the person’s heart is yours. Then you can either put that inside of the doll or attach it to the outside of the chest of the doll, which ever you prefer. You want to make the doll resemble the person as much as possible. If you can, you can use a photo of the person’s face for the face of your doll. If you have hair or nail clippings, you can put these inside of the doll. If you have access to any of the person’s clothing, you can use these to make clothes for your doll. If the person has any scars or tattoos, be sure to draw these on the doll as well. Finally, after sewing your doll closed and you have put everything on him that you want, the final step is to bind him to you. You can do this with either some of your hair(if you have hair long enough) or with a piece of your jewelry or clothing. If you are going to use your hair, which is actually the most effective, You take a small amount of your hair and braid it. After it is braided, then you tie it around the doll. If the hair is long enough, then you can tie around the arms, legs and body of the doll. This symbolizes that you have complete control over this person. You can also use a necklace. Do the same thing and wrap it around the doll, or a ring on a piece of ribbon can be used. Just be sure that if you use jewelry, it must be something that you actually wear and has personal importance to you. This is also the case if you use an article of your clothing.

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The symbolism also works for what you do with the doll. If you have a person who is angry and needs to “chill out”, then you can put the doll in the freezer for a little while. If the person yells or says nasty things, you can cover the mouth of the doll. The possibilities are endless. The disposal of the doll after you decide that you don’t want to use it anymore is also important. You take away the object that bound the doll. Then you open him and remove all of the stuffing. You want to be sure and bury. Next you take the empty doll and bury it separate from its controlling insides that you removed. If you wrote the persons name on the doll, then you want to be sure that you mark it out completely with black marker.

Symbolism is the key to whatever type of magic that you want to perform. You can make any spell effective simply by using good symbolism and representation.


Source by Solitaire Morgan