What Causes Cancer And the Science That Shows the Cure of Stage 4 Cancer

First of all, let’s begin by setting some standards. The first standard, if one actually knew how cancer is caused. Then it would make sense that that same person would know what actually cures cancer, and would be helping people cure their cancer at a 100% success rate. With this in mind let’s look at what is currently known about cancer and learn about a technology that was recently discovered, that cures cancer, specifically stage 4 cancers, if caught two weeks before the person is scheduled to pass on.

Currently, most scientists think that cancers are caused by one’s genetics (their genes that are passed from generation to another). This is true. In light of this truth most if not all scientists know that our bodies (our genes) make some cancer cells every day. At the same time, our bodies quickly remove them via our immune systems. However, some of our immune systems let these cancers grow via the genes allowing these unwanted cancer cells to multiply and become the cancers people are suffering from today. So the question becomes why do our immune systems allow some of our genes to continue to make cancer cells eventually becoming a life stealing stage 4 (terminal) disease? Is it the lottery of cancer? No of course not. Is it that their unlucky? Is it because they are a bad person? No. Then what is it? We’ll answer this important question later. I will say this now our genes are responsible for making everything inside the body and everything the body is, every cell, every hormone, every chemical, everything your body is make up of. It’s important to know this and remember this fact.

Now let’s look at other “causes” others “know” that are causing cancer.

There are some people who think a bad diet, a diet of eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) processed foods acidifying foods loaded with toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones etc. cause cancers. If this were true the vast majority of people in the United States would presently be suffering from cancer. They are not. At the same time, the people who go on a wholesome clean diets full of naturally grown clean organic, alkalizing and alkaline whole foods would be cured of their cancers every time. This is not true. Changing one’s diet is not curing every one of these well-meaning people. It helps, that’s for sure. A good clean organic whole food eating diet does not guarantee the turning off of their genes making the cancer cells in the first place. By the way some people have actually cured themselves through a good clean organic diet; however, at the same time more than half of these have contracted their cancers again. There is something else that is making part of your genes to make their cancer again.

And then there are people who think stress causes cancer. This is a hot topic. Here’s what they know stress is different for everyone. They also know stress causes people to eat sugary foods and other not so healthy foods that create a more acidic environment for cancer to live and thrive in. We also know that stress (the lack of love, the negative feelings stress causes) causes our bodies to become more acidic even when people we eat really well, meaning they eat very healthy whole organic foods. This is also why people who really eat well can still have and make cancer. Therefore, stress can’t by itself cause cancer. At the same time, it does however play a part in the cure. I will bring more to light about this important topic later.

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There are few people who think that it’s a microbial infection in the cells that’s causing a person’s genes to make the cancer cells continuously. The reality is everybody has microbes in just about every cell in their bodies. The truth is healthy people and sick people have these microbes (bugs) in them. I will say this, the healthy (less stressed) people have less of them, but they still have them.

So what causes cancer?

In a word or two, your brain. Of course you don’t consciously use your brain to give yourself cancer or any other disease for that matter. However, what if there was a more powerful part of your brain (a deep brain) that ran everything inside your body, including your genes? After all, you can not consciously make your heart beat while you’re watching TV or your stomach digest your food or make your genes make happy and healthy cells, can you? No, of course not; however, there is something else that does exactly that. And that something is part of your deep brain complex.

A part of this deep brain that takes care of some of this is your Autonomic Nervous System. It has two equally very important and powerful parts that play a major role but not the sole role in the making cancer and the curing of cancer. The very well-known part is called the sympathetic autonomic nervous system also known as the fight flight (stressed out, not happy) part. Everybody is familiar with this part. The reason for this is simple. Most people live with this powerful part up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Lastly and most importantly there is the lesser known part but equally important part called the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system also known by my clients and patients as the rest and digest and healing and regeneration and making love and learning and in the zone part of the autonomic nervous system which is completely run and controlled by your deep brain.

Let’s look at these two systems side by side for a moment. By the way only one of these systems is up and running at a time. The other part is slightly running waiting for its turn. Your deep brain controls this automatically based upon what’s programmed deep within it. Remember this fact you’ll need it later. In any case, you consciously don’t run this deep brain program; if you did you would immediately turn off fight flight part of the system your presently running and turn on the rest and digest and healing etc. system you need to completely heal your cancer. Further, the system that’s not running is behind the scenes maintaining a low operation mode waiting and ready to go to back on and go to work.

Now, let’s look at the more commonly known deep brain part first, the sympathetic autonomic nervous system. Its primary function is to shunt blood away from your outer part of your brain called the cerebral cortex and away from your digestive and reproductive organs in the main part of your body. It brings this vitally important blood and oxygen to your brain stem (the reptilian brain) and your muscles of your legs and arms to either fight or run from your learned (taught) danger. When you were very little you feared just about nothing, you were this little ball of love. Ask your parents. However, these well-meaning parents began teaching you (programming your deep brain) very early on about fearing and worry about things in life. In other words, they taught you on a daily basis something less than love and well-being. They unknowingly taught you stress. For example, to fear strangers and then one day you will need marry one of these strangers to have kids and pass on this wisdom. How does stress make you feel inside? Do you think this programming automatically puts you a bit of an edge? Of course it does, it creates an ideal environment for only system to stay on continuously.

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The second part is called the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. Its primary function is to shunt blood away from brain stem (reptilian brain) and legs and arms and back to your cerebral cortex, the larger and outer part of part of your brain and to your digestive and reproductive organs. What part of your deep brain is responsible for telling your genes to make happy and healthy cells? Is it your brain stem part of your sympathetic autonomic nervous system, the fight fright part? By the way brain stem actually grows thicker when the fight flight system in on continuously. You can see this on MRIs. The same is true of their cerebral cortex part of your brain, it actually become thinner when this sympathetic (fight flight) part of the autonomic system is on all the time. This in part explains the high rates of dementia in our elderly. The part that is partially responsible for your good genes being activated in making healthy cells is your parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, the rest and digest and healing and regeneration and making love and learning and in the zone part.

Now, what is the last part, the most important part of the deep brain that runs and coordinates these two vitally important systems? Any ideas of what part of your brain runs these two? In reality the fight flight part should only be on a few seconds once in a while and at the same time the rest and digest and healing (your good genes activated) and regeneration and making love and learning and in the zone part should be on the rest of the time, almost 24/7/365.

The last part and most important part of your deep brain that runs these two deep brain systems is your frontal cortex. You actually have two cortexes, a left side and right side. That’s all I will say for now. If you want to go deeply down the rabbit hole you can buy my book. However, you don’t need my book or any book for that matter to change your destiny. What you do need is to change the deep brain programming in both sides of your frontal cortex that has your fight flight system continuously on. And turn on and keep on your vitally important parasympathetic (rest and digest and healing etc.) autonomic nervous system part. And when we do your body begins healing and regenerating new and healthy cells while your cancer disappears. And while this is happening you begin to feel a deep sense of peace and well-being, something that has eluded you for many years.


by David K Olkkola